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Operation process of forklifting goods in electric forklift factory warehouse

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-21
manufacturers explain the process of picking up goods with electric forklifts, which can be summarized as eight actions.   1. Approach the cargo stack. After the forklift starts, according to the position of the stack, drive the forklift until it stops in front of the stack.  2, vertical door frame. After the forklift is stopped, put the shift lever into neutral and push the tilt lever forward to restore the mast to the vertical position.   3. Adjust the fork height. Pull the lift lever backward to lift the fork so that the tip of the fork is aligned with the clearance under the cargo or the fork hole of the pallet.   4. Into the fork to pick up the goods. Hook the shift lever in forward one gear, and the forklift will move forward slowly, so that the forks enter the clearance under the cargo or the fork holes of the pallet. When the fork arm touches the cargo, the forklift brakes.   5. Micro picking fork. Pull the lift control lever backward to raise the fork to a height where the forklift can leave the operation.  6. u200bu200bTilt back the door frame. Pull the tilt lever backward to make the mast recline to the extreme position.  7. Exit the cargo space. Hook the gear lever and reverse the gear to relieve the brake, and the forklift will retreat to a position where the goods can drop.   8. Adjust the fork height. Push the lift control lever forward, and lower the fork to a height of 200-300mm from the ground. Start backwards and drive to the delivery location. Operators must strictly follow the required pickup process. Operator safety issues, human operation is a safety hazard, no matter what, personal safety is always the first!
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