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Reason to buy a motorized pallet truck

Reason to buy a motorized pallet truck


More warehouses and distribution centres have a need to be able to move pallets of varying sizes and weights around their facilities. This is a job that requires the use of a stacker, forklift, pallet truck or other warehouse equipment.

A motorized pallet truck can help the warehouse provide more efficient service to their customers. It is operated by an operator who controls the handle of the motorized pallet truck, which moves along with the power of its own wheels. This lithium pallet truck provides increased safety features for those operating it as well as improved working efficiency in comparison with other devices that are powered by combustion engines such as hand pallet forklifts or manual pallet jacks.

It also does not require a charging station because it is powered by a battery instead. Batteries can be charged overnight or at lunchtime when the facility isn't being used for.

Why should you buy a motorized pallet truck?

Buying any machinery requires you to consider its robust design. This feature is well carried in lithium pallet trucks. You may find high quality and long-lasting designs at STAXX online motorized pallet truck supplier. Machines are highly efficient in their core operations. Following are the commendable features of the STAXX electric pallet truck concerning functionality.

● Energy-saving technology

● Motor protection


Other than these, the following are additional features of the Staxx lithium pallet truck.

Powerful AC drive motor

The AC drive motor, which is in the rear of the vehicle and combines a DC drive motor with an AC generator, allows for excellent acceleration & top speed when driving. This system also improves fuel efficiency by converting kinetic energy into electricity through regenerative braking.

Electric power steering

This technology adds to the efficiency of the machine and is worth the money you paid.

Side pull battery replacement design

Maintenance seems a hard fix but here you don't have to bear many headaches. You can easily replace the battery without having access to the core parts.

Fold-able platform and protecting arms

There is also another painstaking concern that you sometimes get short of the place. You quit buying many important things when you see the size and realize that it will occupy more space. This lithium pallet truck contains a fold-able platform and protecting arms that will save you from arranging more space for the pallet truck.

Metal Cover body ensure a longer lifetime

When you spend hundreds of dollars and after some months, your machine body encounters rusting and your money is wasted. It sounds awful so you definitely prefer machines with bodies made of metal that last longer.


Take Away!

Motorized pallet jacks are offered as a complete weight-lifting solution. You have to make the right choice at the right time. As time is advancing, needs are modified and hence new technologies are introduced. So, instead of trying an old hand Pallet jack, try a motorized lithium pallet truck and make things easy. 

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