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Safe operation of high-altitude lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-25
How to operate the high-altitude lifting platform is becoming more and more safe, and it takes time to put safety in the first place. 1. Monthly check 1. Whether the rollers, central shafts and bearings, cylinder pins and bearings, boom hinge shafts and bearings are worn out. 2. All parts are filled with some lubricating oil to extend the service life of the bearing. 3. The quality and level of the hydraulic oil. The lithium pallet truck platform is raised all the way. In this position, the hydraulic oil level should be 40-50 mm higher than the bottom of the box. 4. The hydraulic oil is darkened, sticky or has grit and other foreign objects. If found, replace it in time (32# hydraulic oil). 2. Year-end maintenance 1. Check all hydraulic pipes and joints. The pipes must not be damaged, the joints must not be loosened, and it is necessary to tighten all the joints. 2. Remove and disassemble the lowering valve, blow the plunger clean with compressed air, then install it, and reinstall it from the head. 3. Drain and discard the hydraulic oil, tighten the joint and take out the oil filter, clean it up, clean it up with compressed air, and then put it back into the oil tank. 3. Safety instructions before use 1. Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble or install electrical appliances at will to prevent electric shock or misconnection. 2. It is necessary to hang and support the operating channel of the lithium pallet truck platform during maintenance under the operating channel of the lifting platform to prevent the lifting platform from falling suddenly and causing casualties. 3. Do not adjust the overflow valve arbitrarily. Each component in the hydraulic system is operated under a specified pressure. After arbitrarily adjusting the relief valve, the hydraulic system may work abnormally. There will be unnecessary damage to people, machines and things. 4. Between any part of the hydraulic system, it is necessary to relieve the pressure first to prevent the pressure oil from spraying out and the work platform suddenly slipping down.
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