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Safe use of batteries in electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-10
Most forklifts in warehouses and factories are battery powered. This means that battery handling is one of the most important tasks every day, including battery charging and battery replacement. In recent years, battery suppliers and forklift manufacturers have made great efforts and made great progress in order to ensure the acceleration of the routine procedures, the improvement of efficiency and the most important production safety.   It is inevitable to charge the battery. Therefore, the only way to keep the electric pallet truck running is to replace the low-capacity battery in time, and put the low-capacity battery back to the original place for charging. In the past, one method of forklift battery replacement was done manually or by some kind of lifting equipment. Or another method, by manually pulling the battery out of the forklift, and then manually pushing the replaced battery in again. Of course, these two processes are completed under ideal conditions, but when dealing with large projects, there are always some safety hazards. For example, during the battery drop may cause the battery fluid to leak out. If this is the case, the battery fluid may cause certain damage to the battery, the floor and some equipment.  Information about battery accidents is not easy to obtain. According to official sources, as stated by HSE’s RIDDOR, it is impossible to obtain enough information to discover these details without breaking the limitations of the data. Nevertheless, through the improvement of safety technology in recent years, the overall accident rate and injury rate have decreased.  Through the overall improvement of the forklift and battery design by OEM and battery manufacturers, the battery replacement does not require any manual operation. At present, most of the battery components of the forklift have been connected to the drum battery compartment on the ground, so that the charging facility and the forklift battery are at the same height. The forklift driver only needs to drive the forklift to the charging position, exchange the positions of the low-power battery and the full battery through the roller, and then complete a battery replacement. For those heavier or larger batteries on large vehicles, it can be completed with mechanical assistance of a forklift, such as moving the battery to a predetermined position through a magnetic arm.   Now many operators have chosen the safety area dedicated to battery charging. These are an ideal compact design layout, but it will affect the forklift's travel in the aisle and the safe parking area. For example, in the management of battery chargers, battery replacement and battery service should be managed by dedicated workers. If you are not familiar with these usages at the beginning, it can be operated and managed by experienced and fully trained drivers, which can effectively reduce potential risks and hazards. The safety barrier can be installed on the forklift to restrict unauthorized personnel from accessing and using the forklift.   In the charging area, minimize the forklift movement to ensure that the forklift has sufficient time for safe charging. The ideal charging station location is arranged on the edge of the aisle towards the area where the forklift is operated, and the interior is facing the direction that facilitates the movement of the forklift and the installation and management of personnel, so that daily inspections and maintenance can be carried out safely. In addition, it is an important responsibility to ensure the safe use and installation of any system equipment. More attention is needed to ensure the safety of the charger and battery DC cable, which will effectively avoid battery damage and improve charging efficiency.
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