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Safety colors for aerial work platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-12
The rationality of the use of aerial platform stacker colors is closely related to the probability of incidents during aerial work operations. The color of the product directly affects people's physiology and mind. Regarding aerial work platforms, the rational use of colors has an excellent impact on people's physiological and mental activities, and it has a certain effect on the work enthusiasm of forward workers and reduces the operating error rate in the work, forward power and ensuring personnel safety. effect. The color decline in high-altitude environment, people's fear of mind research. Foreign research shows that color will affect the biological rhythm of the human body, and then affect people's mind and behavior. People often feel fainting and unresponsive in high-altitude environments, which must have a great impact on the safety of high-altitude operations. Now we focus on studying the effectiveness of color on the fear of falling high. In the high-altitude environment, red and yellow both increased the heart rate and breathing rate of the subjects to varying degrees, and had a negative effect on reducing the sense of fear. The blue and white help to reduce the subject’s heart rate or breathing rate, and reduce the subject’s fear of heights. The effects of black and gray on the heart rate and respiratory rate of the subjects were not found to be statistically different, and it can be said that the effects on the subjects were not significant. Research on the rationality of warning colors for aerial work platforms. All aerial work platforms are painted with warning colors, but the warning colors are usually cool and warm colors or the distribution of high brightness and low brightness. Experiments have shown that warm colors and high-brightness colors easily cause the observer's heartbeat to accelerate, and also have a certain impact on people's visual acuity. The following measures the visual acuity of the observer to analyze the influence of different warning colors on the subjects. Warning color visual acuity ranking: yellow-black>black-yellow>blue-white>white-blue>red-white>white-red>red-black>black-red color environment affects the speed of human reaction. Definite contact. White responds best to non-colorful scenes, with gray in the middle and black at the end. However, the effect of the colorful scenery series is not much advantageous relative to the non-colorful scenery. It may also be related to the simplicity of the task and the shorter reaction time.
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