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Safety management knowledge of electric forklift charging area

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-03
1. Identification of main risks in the forklift charging area 1. The battery will electrolyze and produce gas during the charging process, including oxygen, hydrogen and other acid gases (fog), which poses the risk of fire and explosion. 2. Electrolyte such as sulfuric acid is toxic and corrosive, and there is a risk of corrosion and poisoning. 3. The battery generates heat during charging, and there is a risk of fire caused by heat and high temperature. 4. The risk of electric shock and fire accidents caused by battery leakage, grounding, poor contact and excessive local resistance. 2. Safety instructions for forklift charging 1. The place where the battery is charged or stored should be well ventilated and equipped with ventilation facilities; when charging, the ventilating fan in the charging room must be turned on to ensure air circulation in the charging room. An alarm device for flammable gas leakage should be installed to prevent flammable gas leakage, fire and explosion accidents. 2. It is forbidden to smoke, generate any open flames and sparks in the charging room of the electric pallet truck; it is forbidden to make and receive calls in the charging area. If you need to make and receive calls, please go outside the charging room. 3. The charging area of u200bu200bthe electric pallet truck must be equipped with eyewash sprinklers as required, and the employees responsible for charging must wear protective glasses and work clothes. If the clothes, skin or eyes are stained with electrolyte: wash immediately with water, if the eyes are stained with electrolyte, rinse immediately, and in severe cases, seek medical attention immediately. 4. Open the battery cover when charging. All battery covers must be securely sealed to prevent residues from entering. It is strictly forbidden to store sundries on the cover, especially combustibles and combustibles. 5. The charging area must be equipped with sufficient fire extinguishers or other fire-fighting facilities in accordance with 'Code for Design of Building Fire Extinguishers Configuration' GB50140. 6. The accumulator and the upper part of the accumulator must be kept clean, dry and free of residue. The protective cover should be placed and the battery connection should not be damaged. The accumulator and charging cable should not be kinked and damaged, and the insulation part should not be corroded or damaged. 7. Do not fill the battery with other substances, only fill it with distilled water above the scale line after charging, and then wipe the surface of the battery with a damp cloth to prevent static electricity. 8. Do not use or place unprotected tools or other conductive materials above the battery terminal, otherwise it will cause a short circuit and cause personal injury and battery explosion. 9. When charging the forklift battery, make sure that the battery is installed correctly and safely and fixed in place, and that the positive and negative poles of the charging cable are connected correctly and in good contact. 10. Unplugging the charging plug during charging will cause an arc, so first turn off the charging power switch, and then unplug the charging connection plug. 11. Every time you change the battery, you should add distilled water to the upper limit of the scale for the fully charged battery to ensure that there is enough water for the battery on duty. Charge the replaced battery immediately and make relevant records. 12. When checking or maintaining the battery, rubber insulating gloves should be used to avoid electric shock accidents.
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