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Safety Manual for Lithium Battery Electric Pallet Trucks

Safety Manual for Lithium Battery Electric Pallet Trucks


If there is equipment that is massively used in warehouses globally, it is electric pallet trucks. This machinery plays a significant role and is one of the essential pieces without any doubt.

However, as large as its use is, the injuries associated with its mishandling lie in the same ratio. Hence, while operating a lithium pallet jack or motorized pallet jack isn’t hard, basic training is still vital among workers.

Want to know how to use an electric pallet truck safely? Hop on below to find out.

Safety Measures to Ensure when Using a Pallet Truck

The lithium pallet jack has become a massive reason for injuries or accidents in warehouse workplaces. This isn’t because these machines are hard to use, but because of some important factors workers often neglect. To ensure the safe use of electric pallet trucks, here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

1. Check the Truck is in Order

Before starting your work day on an electric pallet truck, it is crucial to inspect it thoroughly. Check the machinery for any wear and tear externally. The essential inspection should include the hydraulics used to lift and lower the forks.

Moreover, it is advisable always to get a second pair of eyes to do the inspection, too, to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. 

2. Ensure the Load Limit

One of the primary reasons for motor or electrical pallet truck and lithium pallet truck accidents is the increased load limit threshold. Most pallet trucks have a load limit of up to 2500 kg. However, this may vary from machinery to machinery. So, the safest bet is to check the load limit labeled on the side of the machinery and not exceed it.

Excessive weight can make the load lose balance, which ultimately, on fall, can either harm the surrounding machinery or a co-worker.

3. Use the Brakes

Installed with brakes, the modern pallet truck gives an efficient stopping of machinery. However, many pallet trucks still need to be stopped manually.

No matter which one of the two you use, we can only recommend operating the brakes and bringing your machinery to a halt away from people or workers. Moreover, if you need to halt your lithium pallet jacks manually, make sure to start it from a distance instead of precisely at the point you need to stop and away from people.

4. Pull the Truck

If you are new to operating a pallet truck, your mind would instantly pick on pushing the electric pallet truck forward while operating. This is one major misconception associated with pallet trucks. 

Instead of pushing a pallet jack forward, the ideal recommended way is to pull it. This is because increasing the loads forward on a flat surface would help increase the maneuverability of the operator.

On the other hand, it will be less tiring to pull the motorized pallet jack and allow the operator to seek potential hazards on the way.

5. Store Safely

Once everything on the lithium pallet jacks is off-loaded, ensure that you immediately lower the forks. Moreover, once your work for the day is done, immediately place the pallet truck in the designated storage area, or park it near a wall with the fork facing forward.

This would ensure that no workers or passersby accidentally trip over the forks or gash a wound from the spikes.


While one of the essential pieces of equipment is the electric pallet truck.

Hence, ensuring that you use it safely is essential. We hope this article was sufficient enough to enlighten you on ways you can maintain the safe use of motorized pallet jack. 

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