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Safety operating rules for electric pallet stacking forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-12-07

1. Only trained and approved operators are willing to control the forklift.

2. Whenever a problem occurs, the lithium pallet truck is forced to stop, hang the symbol of 'danger' or 'problem' on the vehicle, and have to release the keys, and at the same time give a speech to the employees. Only use the forklift after the problem is eliminated.

3. When charging, put up a sign: 'No beacon is allowed.' Charging in good places with good ventilation. When charging, open the cover and open the battery cover to release explosive gas.

4. When the charger is used, the shell needs to be reliably grounded. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the charging plug not to be reversed. Do not unplug the power switch or battery plug during charging, otherwise the plug and electrical components will be damaged. Often press the stop charging button on the charger before unplugging the plug.

5. Fire extinguishers should be equipped for employment occasions.

6. Regular inspections of oil and liquid leakage, deformation, looseness, etc., will reduce the life of the vehicle and cause incidents under vicious conditions.

7. The employment road should be flat concrete or consistent ground, and it is not allowed to drive on skewed and uneven roads. Rectify the work environment, clear out obstacles, drive away gravel, sand, and wipe off oil and water stains.

8. Before manipulation, familiarize yourself with the graph on the load curve plate, which expresses the relationship between the rated load and the distance between the load. Overloading is strictly prohibited.

9. Sound the horn before starting to ensure that no one is outside.

10. Reluctant to agree that the goods deviate from the middle of the fork, when the goods deviate from the middle of the fork, turn or pass through uneven roads, it is easy to fall. At the same time, the possibility of overturning increases.

10. Do not agree to make sudden opening, emergency stop, and sharp turns.

11. Do not allow the forks to run the lithium pallet truck in a high position.

12. When the goods are loaded too high and the line of sight is used, there should be a guide or let the goods run behind.

13. In view of the small wheels of the pallet stacking lithium pallet truck, the truck cannot run on a horse-riding road, and only operates on specific stacking occasions.

14. People are not allowed to get up or walk under the forks or attachments. No one is allowed to get up on the fork. Do not allow your head, hands, feet, or body to reach between the forks and the front legs. Once caught, life will be dangerous. No hand is allowed to reach between the front and back door frames.

15. The uphill load should make the goods move forward. Turning maneuvers on ramps are strictly prohibited. Otherwise, there is a danger of overturning. Prevent work on ramps.

16. There is a rubber drain plug at the bottom of the battery, which does not need to be opened under normal circumstances. After each charging or filling of electrolyte, open the side panel of the battery, pull out the battery, place a container under the drain plug, open the drain plug, and drain the remaining liquid.

17. Do not allow the battery to be charged until the stacker cannot be moved. This will reduce the battery life. When the dual flashing lights of the battery indicator are flashing, please charge it immediately.

18. Check the electrolyte level once a week. When the electrolyte level is low, add distilled water to the specified level. The electrolyte is 15-20mm higher than the protection sheet.

19. The acid in the battery is corrosive. When manipulating the battery, wear protective clothing and protective goggles.

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