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Safety operation items of rail type electric lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-18
Its functions and working methods provide us with a lot of help. Because the electric lifting platform itself is relatively reasonable in planning, and its strengths and advantages are very good, it can become a high-quality product that we like and recognize in the shopping mall. The materials used for production are all metal elements of excellent quality. 1. The lithium pallet truck platform must be applied and protected by a dedicated person, and work with a certificate. 2. The machine room should not be wet to prevent fireworks and piles of debris. 3. It is strictly forbidden to overload; the goods to be transported should be placed in a balanced manner, and should not be too painful and close to the cage door, and corresponding anti-movement measures should be taken to prevent the goods from sliding during movement. 4. Stop lifting over-long objects and dangerous goods such as flammable and explosive. 5. Enter the hoisting cage of the electric lifting platform to prevent internal jumping. 6. Stop illegal protection (stop short-circuiting various lines and switches, manually electric pallet lift truck and press the contactor and open the floor door) 7. During the application process, it is not allowed to change the direction of operation arbitrarily, and it is not allowed to open and stop suddenly. 8. After stopping, the cage must be lowered to the lowest base and the power supply must be disconnected.
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