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Safety operation specification for self-propelled electric lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-28
The self-propelled electric lithium pallet truck platform has the characteristics of strong carrying capacity, stable lifting and simple operation. I believe many friends should have contacted it. The following editor will introduce to you the safe operation standards of the self-propelled electric lithium pallet truck platform: 1. Check carefully before working. For each component of the lithium pallet truck platform, focus on checking whether the screw connection is firm, whether the hydraulic pipeline components are leaking, and whether the wire contacts are loose or damaged. 2. Before lifting, the four-corner outriggers should be properly supported. The four outriggers should be firmly supported on a solid ground, and the work surface should be adjusted to a level condition. Turn on the power, the indicator light should be on. Then start the motor, operate the oil pump, lift it once or twice under no load, and start the operation after checking that the various parts are operating normally. When the temperature is lower than 10°C, the oil pump should be operated for 3-5 minutes, and the operation of the oil pump should be recognized as normal. 3. After entering the platform, the operator should close the guardrail door, insert the bolt, and tie the safety rope. The center of the load (the position where the person can stand) should be as close as possible to the center of the work surface. 4. Lifting and descending: press the 'lift' button to start the motor, the motor rotates, the hydraulic system operates, the cylinder extends, and the platform rises; when it reaches the required height for the operation, press the motor's 'stop' button to stop the lifting , You can work. If you don’t press the “Stop” button, when the platform rises to the calibration height, the travel switch will operate and stop at the calibration height. At the end of the operation, press the 'down' button and the solenoid valve will act. At this moment, the oil return of the oil cylinder is connected, and the platform is lowered by its own weight. 5. When there is a problem that cannot be operated normally, the power supply should be blocked and repaired in time to prevent the equipment from working with diseases. Non-professionals should not disassemble hydraulic and electrical components. 6. Do not use the machine when the ground is not stable; do not raise the machine when the platform is not stable, the outriggers are not adjusted, leveled, and the ground is not secure; 7. Do not raise people or people on the platform. Adjust or retract the outriggers when raising; 8. Do not move the machine when raising. If you need to move, please condense the platform first and loosen the legs; 9. Do not use this machine to raise goods or equipment, this machine Limited to manned and stuff operations; 10. Do not carry out outdoor operations under strong wind; 11. Do not push or pull objects outwards during operation; 12. Do not sit, lie, stand or climb on the guardrail; 13. Get up Stop standing people or pile up debris under the lifting platform; 14. Do not use this machine as a welding neutral grounding purpose; 15. Do not use this machine under all foreseeable dangers. 16. Mast-type lifts, the extra load includes people and items, do not overload; 17. It is necessary to adjust the level before use, otherwise it cannot be used; 18. It should be used on a solid and flat ground, never allowed Use on temporarily erected benches, trucks (truck, trucks, uncovered cars), and possibly extended surfaces; 19. When the lift is operating, no load is allowed to touch the side to prevent accidents; 20 、 The foot of the support is as soft as the ground. Make a strong stow and adjust the insurance; 21. When the lift is operating, no people are allowed to stand under the manned structure; 22. The mast-type lift cannot be used slantingly, and the height should be increased when it is used against a high wall. It should not be greater than the height of the high wall; 23. The driver must carefully check whether the electrical system, hydraulic system and mechanical system of the platform are normal before daily work, and test it for several times with no load up and down to check for faults and abnormal phenomena. Pay attention to whether the accuracy of the platform landing station is obviously abnormal. 24. The driver should supervise the goods transported by the platform to spread as evenly as possible on the table to prevent partial load and prevent overloading. It is not allowed to carry people and carry dangerous goods such as inflammable and explosive, and prevent people from climbing and artificial shaking when they are raised. 25. During the operation, the driver shall stop leaving the post and perform wiping, smoothing or repairing operations on the platform. When the operation is over, the driver should block the power supply, lock the control panel before leaving the post, and fill in the shift record. 26. When there is a malfunction or abnormal operation of the platform, the maintenance personnel should be told immediately to repair it. If it is found to be dangerous or may cause a personal mechanical accident, it should be stopped immediately, intercept the main power supply of the computer room, and state the management department, which needs to be corrected and carried out. It can be used after checking the details.
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