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Safety precautions after explosion-proof modification of electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-24
Different working environments require electric stackers with different treatments. Explosion-proof electric stackers are mainly used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical plants and some flammable and explosive mission occasions. Unsuitable explosion-proof areas need to be taken care of for explosion-proof modification. rikars reminds the stability and expectations of the explosion-proof area: 1. The driver of the explosion-proof electric stacker needs to be trained in care. 2. The driver of the explosion-proof electric stacker cannot wear clothes that are prone to static electricity, and it is impossible to scrub the car with flammable substances. 3. Do not unplug or drop the explosion-proof in-line power plug in the explosion-proof area. 4. It is strictly forbidden to open the cover of the electrical assembly in the explosion-proof area. 5. It is impossible to charge the electric stacker in the explosion-proof area. 6. Do not stop disassembly and repair in the explosion-proof area. 7. Fucheng revised the layout of explosion-proof vehicles. 8. If you need to change parts for explosion-proof electric stackers, Fucheng can buy them from the market. You should order products with explosion-proof certification from the original factory. 9. According to the use interpretation book, the explosion-proof electric stackers Containment operation and maintenance
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