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Secondary maintenance of electric pallet truck

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-03
The electric pallet truck needs to carry out a secondary maintenance for 1000 hours of operation or half a year. 1. Repeat according to the first-level maintenance scale. 2. Check the differential gears, half shafts, etc., adjust the gear meshing gap, replenish the gear oil, and replace the gears if they are damaged and excessively worn. 3. Clean up the inside of the motor, measure the insulation, refurbish the commutator and brushes, clean the motor bearings, and replace the grease. 4. Differentiate and repair the steering gear, adjust the free stroke of the steering wheel not to exceed 20°, and the limit is 36°. 5. Differentiate and repair the brake system, adjust the free stroke of the brake pedal at 30-40 mm, and repair the brake shoes. 6. Check and repair the controller and touch device, polish the surface, adjust the touch position and tension spring pressure. 7. Refurbish the entire battery and check the discharge capacity. 8. Refurbish the battery rack and paint it with anti-acid paint. 9. Test run. (1) After the second level of maintenance, the maintenance worker should be responsible for the quality of the vehicle. First, check whether there are missing gaskets and adjustment parts. (2) During the test run, it should include two parts: no-load and full-load operation. After running for a few kilometers, check whether there is any abnormality. If there is no abnormality, try it out. (3) The trial period is 5 days after it is put into production. If there is no abnormal situation during the trial period, it can be considered qualified. If there is an abnormal situation, it is the responsibility of the maintenance department to make adjustments again.
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