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Selection of semi-electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-10
The semi-electric stacker has a very simple structure and operation. Its function is equivalent to installing an electric lifting part on a manual hydraulic stacker. Except for this function, it has the same structure and working principle as the hydraulic stacker. It will be very practical in some places where work is more frequent. Compared with manual lifting of the product, it will be more labor-saving, and it will save a lot of time. The later maintenance is also very simple. Just open the back cover to check whether the battery distilled water is at a certain water level (that is, Said to at least soak the storage film inside the battery).  Because charging and discharging will have a direct impact on the battery life, every semi-electric stacker has a designed ammeter to indicate the power status when it is produced. The charging and discharging can be based on the green, yellow, and red prompts of the ammeter. Generally, the battery of the machine can last for 4-5 hours when it is fully loaded. When the pointer of the ammeter points to the yellow mark, it means that charging is about to be required. (Note: It is recommended not to charge when the pointer points to the red mark, which may damage the battery.) load curve: any stacker equipment has load curve requirements, please operate strictly in accordance with the instructions. The load curve means that the object will produce different weight pressure after leaving the ground. Many users think that they bought a 1 ton, 3 meters high stacker truck, which means raising one ton of goods to 3 meters high. This is a misunderstanding. Usually the load curve has a basic standard, so everyone Consider this factor when purchasing.
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