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Selection skills of hydraulic stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-12-14

(1) Left-license operation function hydraulic stacker

The basic operation function of the hydraulic stacker is divided into horizontal handling, stacking/receiving, loading/unloading, and picking. The operating function that the left card company wants to reach can be clarified from the company's product series from the company. In addition, special work functions will affect the overall configuration of the hydraulic stacker, such as paper rolls, molten iron, etc., which require the hydraulic stacker to be equipped with attachments to end the special functions.

(2) The operating conditions of the left certificate use hydraulic stacker

The operating conditions of the hydraulic stacker include the usual conditions such as pallet or product specifications, height increase, working channel width, gradeability, etc. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider conditions such as working habits (such as habitual riding or standing driving), working efficiency (worse the difference in the utility of other models) and other conditions.

(3) Operating environment

If the goods or stack environment that the company needs to move has environmental conditions such as noise or exhaust emissions, it should be considered when adopting models and configurations. If it is in a cold storage or in an environment with explosion-proof conditions, the configuration of the hydraulic stacker should also be cold storage type or explosion-proof type. Carefully investigate the places where the lithium pallet truck needs to pass during operation, and imagine possible abnormalities, such as whether the door height has an effect on the hydraulic stacker when entering and exiting the warehouse; when entering and exiting the elevator, the effect of the elevator height and load on the hydraulic stacker; upstairs During operation, whether the floor load can reach the corresponding conditions, and so on.

Attention: When selecting and clarifying the configuration, the working conditions should be described to the hydraulic stacker provider in detail, and field testing should be performed to ensure that the purchased hydraulic stacker fully meets the needs of the enterprise. Even after the analysis of the above methods, there may still be several models that can meet the above conditions at the same time. At this time, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

① If there is a difference in other models, the employment effect is different, then the number of forklifts and the number of drivers required are also different, which will cause a series of changes in costs. See the function evaluation in this article for details. The department's explanation of the cost.

② If the hydraulic stacker is operating in the stack, the width of the passage required for different models will be different, and there will be differences in improving talents, which will bring about changes in the stack layout, such as changes in the storage volume of goods.

③ The change of vehicle models and their numbers will have an effect on many aspects such as the fleet management.

④ There are differences in the number of different models in the market, and their after-sales protection talents are also different. For example, the low-drive three-way hydraulic stacker and the high-drive three-way hydraulic stacker belong to the narrow aisle lithium pallet truck series. Might as well finish the stacking/stacking in a very narrow passage (1.5-2.0 meters) and get the goods. However, the former driver's cab cannot be improved, so the control vision is poor and the employment effect is low. Given that the latter can fully cover the functions of the former, and its functions are more superior, the sales of the latter in the West are 4 to 5 times more than the former, and it is more than 6 times in China. Therefore, most of the providers prefer to drive three-way hydraulic stackers at high positions, while low-drive three-way stackers are only used for small tonnage and low height (usually within 6 meters) conditions. When the sales volume of the mall is very small, the number of after-sales service engineers, engineer experience, spare parts inventory level and other service talents will be correspondingly weak.

After comprehensive evaluation of the above aspects, the most appropriate plan should be adopted.

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