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Seven factors for choosing a stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-28
With the increase in work demand, more and more users choose to buy electric stackers. So how should we choose when facing the dazzling number of stackers on the market? Now we will provide you with 7 major factors for the purchase of a lithium pallet truck (for reference only). 1. Load: For the safety of our use, the loaded goods should not exceed the specified load, so when choosing, choose a stacker that suits your needs. 2. Height: The height here refers to the height of the stacker and the lifting height. The stacker height consideration environment should be your operating environment, such as the height of the stacker truck when entering and exiting elevators, security doors, etc.; and the maximum lifting height of the fork is based on the loading of your goods. 3. Gradeability: Even though most of the work of our stacker trucks is carried out on level ground, individual reasons cannot be ruled out, so we should take this factor into consideration when purchasing. 4. Pallet or cargo specifications: we may be familiar with these two items, because they will directly affect the choice of forks and models. 5. Operating channel width: operating channel directly affects whether the stacker can pass, so when you buy it You should have a certainty of the width of your working channel, so that it will not affect your operation. 6. Fork length and extension length: This factor directly affects the loading and unloading of goods in specific use. 7. Work habits: whether the actual operator likes to ride or stand up. Generally speaking, when the work intensity is high and the time is long, the choice of driving can bring better use effect. The above are the 7 factors that brought you the purchase of a stacker truck. I hope to bring some opinions for everyone's purchase. :
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