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Several advantages of lifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-13
1. Light weight It adopts a lightweight and very sturdy aerial lithium pallet truck platform, the parts are very light, and it is easy to install, transport and store. The weight of the scaffold is only 1/3 of the traditional steel structure scaffold, so there is no need to worry about crushing the ground. 2. The structure is stable. The connection strength of the components is very high and stable. The design of the supporting mechanism is very scientific. The overall structure is safe and stable. The lifting platform adopts the new cold work technology of internal expansion and external pressure. The destructive pull-off force of the scaffold joint of the lifting platform reaches 4100-4400Kg, which is far greater than the allowable pull-off force of 2100Kg. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the 12-meter-high double-wide frame is up to 500Kg. Each tower can bear a weight of 272Kg, and the entire tower can bear a weight of 900Kg. Hangzhou Feiboer 3. Simple and quick to build and disassemble. The overall structure adopts the 'building block type' combination design, with standardized components and no spare parts. Without any installation tools, two workers on the lifting platform can build an aerial platform stacker with a height of 20 meters in a short time. 4. Convenient to move. Equipped with very high-strength casters with brakes, which can be moved and locked arbitrarily, which is very convenient for continuous use in multiple different operating locations. 5. Strong applicability The height of outriggers can be adjusted freely, and can be used based on steps, stairs and complex terrain; with the help of polyurethane casters, damage to marble, wooden floors and lawns can be avoided; it can enter and exit in narrow spaces (such as elevators, Doors, etc.), construction and operations; diverse combinations and beautiful appearance. 6. The construction combination is very flexible. It can be specially designed and manufactured according to the user's special maintenance or the operation requirements of different terrains and environments. 7. Anti-corrosion and maintenance-free All parts are treated with special anti-oxidation treatment, no rust and corrosion resistance of chemical substances. The joints are solid shot-blasted castings. The service life of the lithium pallet truck platform can be up to 30 years or more without maintenance.
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