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Several factors should be paid attention to in the selection of cold storage electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-04
As a key equipment for logistics handling in the cold chain industry, cold storage electric forklifts play a very important role in the operation of the cold chain industry. Due to the particularity of the cold chain industry, the use of electric forklifts must take into account its ability to work in low temperature environments. When using an electric forklift in a low temperature environment, the following aspects should usually be considered.  1. The influence of low temperature environment on battery capacity    The battery capacity calibration is based on an ambient temperature of 20°C and standard air pressure. The lower the ambient temperature, the smaller the actual battery capacity that can be used. Generally speaking, in a low temperature environment of -20℃, the actual capacity of the battery is only 80% of its nominal capacity. Therefore, an electric pallet truck that can meet the usage time requirements in a normal temperature environment may not meet the usage time requirements in a low temperature environment. The battery capacity needs to be increased appropriately.  2. The influence of temperature difference on electric forklifts  In many cases, cold storage electric forklifts need to work alternately in low temperature and normal temperature environments. In this case, it is easy to produce condensed water, thereby causing damage to electrical components. The design and maintenance of the forklift must take this into consideration, otherwise the electric forklift is likely to fail frequently and cannot be used normally.  3. The effect of humidity on the car body  The humidity in low-temperature cold storage is often high. Some parts and structural parts of cold storage electric forklifts are prone to corrosion. This requires that the cold storage electric forklifts must be properly protected to avoid serious corrosion or even damage.  4. Requirements for non-slip in the cold storage environment  The humidity in the cold storage is relatively high, the ground is also slippery, and there may even be icing. In this case, the forklift must have good anti-skid ability. Cold storage electric forklifts are generally equipped with anti-skid tires, but this is often not enough. Since the forklift has a heavy load on the front wheels and a small load on the rear wheels, the friction between the rear wheels and the ground becomes very small, resulting in side slips. Therefore, when selecting electric forklifts for cold storage, it is necessary to consider selecting a larger tonnage model, so that a larger rear wheel load can be maintained after the load is loaded, and tire slipping can be avoided.  5. The influence of low temperature environment on hydraulic system  The hydraulic oil and hydraulic high pressure hose used at normal temperature tend to thicken and become brittle at low temperature, so it is not suitable for use at low temperature. Therefore, electric forklifts used in cold storage must use special hydraulic oil and high-pressure hoses to avoid malfunctions and safety accidents.  6. u200bu200bThe influence of low temperature environment on mechanical system  The lubricating oil and grease used at normal temperature will also change its characteristics at low temperature, so it is not suitable for use at low temperature. Special lubricating oil and grease should also be used for this part. In some precision components of electric forklifts, such as micro-opening, sensors, precision bearings, etc., also need to use specially designed accessories.
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