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Several Points of Maintenance of Small Electric Forklift Motor

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-28
Electric forklifts, namely electric stackers and pallet trucks, mainly have three aspects of maintenance: brushes, bearings, and commutators. 1. Maintenance of the brush The entire working surface of the brush should be in contact with the surface of the commutator. The working surface of the electric brush should be as smooth as a mirror. Before the electric stacker is operated, the working surface of the newly installed electric brush must be ground to meet the requirements of the commutator surface. If there are only a few brush working surfaces that need to be ground, fine-grained glass sandpaper can be placed between the brush and the commutator, and the sandpaper can be pushed back and forth to grind. If there are a large number or all the working surfaces of the brushes need to be ground, fine grain The glass sandpaper tape wraps the surface of the commutator, and the tail ends of the sandpaper overlap each other, or the direction of the grounding is the same as the normal rotation direction of the motor. Then, rotate the armature according to the normal rotation direction of the motor, and grind the working surface of the brush until all working surfaces of the brush are finished. It is forbidden to use a grinding wheel or emery paper to grind the working surface of the electric brush to avoid scratching the commutator after embedding in the electric brush and causing sparks in the motor. For electric stacker trucks, after the brush is polished, remove the carbon powder on the commutator or brush, and use dry compressed air to blow the motor carefully, but you must be careful not to blow the carbon powder into the motor. After the brush is polished, the motor should be operated under light load until the contact surface becomes a mirror surface. When the brush is worn to the point where it can no longer be used, it must be replaced with a spare part of the same brand. 2. Maintenance of the bearing The allowable temperature rise of the bearing of the electric stacker is 55℃. During the normal operation of the motor, the sound from the bearing is uniform. If the temperature rises too high or there is an excessively large, uneven sound or whistling sound, the bearing should be inspected. If the bearing does not improve the above situation after cleaning, it needs to be replaced with the same bearing spare parts. During the operation of the motor, every 4 months of work, the bearings must be cleaned with gasoline and the grease must be replaced. 3. Maintenance of commutator 1) The commutator should maintain a bright cylindrical surface. Under normal conditions, the commutator should have no scratches or burn marks, and should have a glossy surface. After a long-term operation of a motor with good commutation performance, a brown-blue and hard film is gradually formed on the surface of the commutator. This film can reduce the wear of the commutator and should be stored. 2) When there are irregular loops on the commutator surface of the electric pallet truck truck, or sparks are caused by the rough surface so that the normal commutating with the commutator cannot be guaranteed, grinding or finishing the outer edge of the commutator is allowed. When the motor is grinding in operation, only artificial fine-grained oilstone or No. 00 glass sandpaper is allowed, and it is blown with compressed air after grinding. 3) If the mica sheet is found to protrude after long-term operation, or is flush with the surface of the commutator, the mica must be carved down by 1-1.5mm. After carving, the surface of the commutator must be polished, the edges must be chamfered, and the burrs on the edges of the mica sheet must be removed. Attention must be paid to prevent chips and copper foam from falling into the motor when grinding, undercarving or turning the outer circle. When turning the outer circle on a lathe, the bearing should be placed on the center frame so that the axis of the commutator cylindrical surface is consistent with the axis of rotation of the armature. 4) When there is carbon powder on the surface of the commutator, it can be cleaned up with a dry and soft non-fiber cloth. When there is grease on the surface of the commutator, it can be wiped with a small amount of gasoline on a rag. When the above process is completed, use dry compressed air to blow clean the surface of the commutator.
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