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Several questions about pallet trucks in Baidu Know

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-05-27

I saw a few questions about pallet trucks when I was shopping on Baidu Know today. Let's talk about these questions.

1. What is the pallet truck used for?

2. What are the types of pallet trucks?

3. What is the main structure of the pallet truck?

4. How to drive the pallet truck?

5. What tonnage does the pallet truck have?

1. What is a pallet truck for? To put it simply, a pallet truck is a tool truck used for warehouse handling and stacking. It can be used to carry goods, and can be used with three-dimensional shelves and cargo pallets to complete the movement and stacking requirements of goods.

2. What are the types of pallet trucks? In terms of energy source, pallet trucks include internal combustion pallet trucks and battery pallet trucks. In terms of functions, pallet trucks include electric stackers, small and medium-sized electric pallet trucks, and large-load pallet trucks. In terms of usage scenarios, it can be divided into indoor pallet trucks and outdoor pallet trucks.

3. What is the main structure of the pallet truck? The external structure of the pallet truck includes forks, gantry, gantry, oil cylinder, roof protection, steering wheel, seat, joystick, etc.; the internal structure includes controller, hydraulic pump station, battery, counterweight and so on.

4. How to drive the pallet truck? Learning to drive a pallet truck is the same as learning to drive a car. You need to find a formal training institution to systematically learn driving skills, and you need to get a pallet truck license.

5. What tonnage does the pallet truck have? The tonnage of the pallet truck, whether it is an electric pallet truck or an internal combustion pallet truck, the current maximum load on the market is 10 tons, and this tonnage refers to the static load, and the load of the pallet truck is limited. The higher the weight, the smaller the weight. This requires a detailed consultation with the pallet truck manufacturer for its increased load ratio.

Of course, some people ask which is more advantageous, electric pallet truck or internal combustion pallet truck? (First of all, I need to do a report on interest relations. We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of electric pallet trucks.) We also acted as agents for internal combustion pallet trucks before, and the sales were mediocre. First, it was restricted by relevant departments, and second, it was indeed not environmentally friendly. The electric pallet truck saves fuel and is indeed a good choice from an environmental point of view. Electric pallet jacks are the trend of the future.

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