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Sharing of problems related to electric stackers

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-28
1. In general, how high can an electric stacker be lifted? How tall do you need to be? And how big is the load? Specific questions can be consulted by telephone. Generally, the height of the stacker is 1.5 meters, 2 meters, 2.5 meters, 3 meters, 4.5 meters, 5.5 meters, and 5.8 meters. It is recommended that you use an electric stacker, the quality is very good, and I hope it will help you. 2. How is the electric stacker positioned? Different warehousing modes require different forklifts, and the matching mode achieved will be very different in terms of first in first out or first in last out, space utilization, operation efficiency and investment costs. For example, traditional heavy-duty racks combined with counterbalanced forklifts can pick up goods at any rack position, with high operating efficiency, moderate investment cost, wide application, but insufficient space utilization; drive-in racks often cooperate with reach forklifts Or the use of small-tonnage counterbalanced forklifts has high stacking density and good space utilization, but it cannot achieve arbitrary racking. 3. What is the general battery size of a semi-electric stacker? Generally, it is 12V120Ah, which means a 12V battery with a voltage of 120mA, and there are also 24V batteries. Semi-electric stackers generally have several major components such as mast, cylinder, battery, and car body, which are subdivided into: Cross-leg components, which are the outriggers of stackers, and can be divided into standard and cross-legs. The mast components can be divided into single-stage and double-stage masts. 4. Does the electric stacker need to be licensed? If the license is required, the electric stacker manufacturer needs to have a special equipment production license. Without this license, it cannot be registered. 5. What should I do if the electric stacker cannot be lowered? The reason for the failure of the electric stacker's fork cannot be lowered: the piston rod or cylinder is deformed due to the tilting of the goods to one side or the overload. The fork stays at a high position for a long time, causing the piston rod of the electric stacker to be exposed and rusted for a long time, which affects the movement of the piston rod. The adjustment screw or the adjustment nut is too far behind, so that the unloading valve cannot be opened, and the roller is rusted to death. Solution: Disassemble the electric stacker to replace the piston rod and cylinder. When not in use, put the fork of the electric stacker to the lowest position and pay attention to the lubrication of each mandrel. Adjust the 'adjusting nut' or 'adjusting nut6. What is the general model of the oil cylinder of an electric stacker? This has something to do with the lithium pallet truck. The tonnage height of the truck determines the thickness of the cylinder, as well as the height of the cylinder, which is generally 50-60mm straight. 7. Where is the steering wheel of the electric lithium pallet truck? The electric stacker does not have a steering wheel, unless it is a large-reaching lithium pallet truck or a four-wheel counterbalanced electric pallet truck, which has a steering wheel. 8. The electric stacker suddenly stops moving. What is the problem? The question is too big to be judged; you can start to check from the power supply, such as voltage and current, fuse, power switch, control circuit and lighting, etc., whether it is a fault in the control part or the mechanical part. 9. How to replace the battery of the electric stacker? 1. First open and remove the battery side door; 2. Unplug the battery connector from the car body; 3. Pull up the pin on the battery box to loosen the battery; 4. Pull out the battery from the side, Use a special trolley or hoisting method to remove the battery; 5. The method of loading the battery pack is the opposite of the above steps. 10. What are the components of the electric stacker? The electric stacker is mainly composed of frame, mast, fork, lifting cylinder, operating handle, steering gear, driving wheel, battery pack, hydraulic power unit, electrical control system and other components. 11. Can electric stackers be used in the dust-free workshop? This is completely possible, it is best to use an AC-driven electric stacker; there is still a small amount of carbon brush dust in the DC motor, but it is very small and can be ignored. 12. What are the precautions for the use of electric stackers? 1. Load goods in strict accordance with the load curve, and do not overload; 2. Please do a thorough operation check before each use to check whether the battery is short of water, and it is strictly forbidden to use the battery in the case of water shortage 3. In the electric stacker In the process of using, it is strictly forbidden to use it with serious shortage of electricity. When the electricity meter indicator on the body shows a red light, it should be charged in time; 4. The lithium pallet truck of the electric stacker is strictly prohibited from using single fork forks; 5. Dust treatment inside the car body regularly to keep the car body clean.
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