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Significance of explosion-proof safety performance of electric lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-12
Electric lifting platforms are used in normal construction sites or aerial operations, and there are many types of them. Among them, the explosion-proof features are more prominent. The explosion-proof lithium pallet truck platform can avoid the risk of some risky sparks. So what scale is suitable for the explosion-proof lifting platform? 1. Explosion-proof lifting platform The load of the explosion-proof lifting platform ranges from 0.3 tons to 70 tons, and the lifting height ranges from 1 meter to 30 meters. Special specifications can also be customized according to user requirements. Because it is driven by hydraulic pressure and fixed in a certain position, it is also called hydraulic lifting platform and fixed hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform. 2. Applicable scale 1. Medium and low-rise workshops, where there is a need for the transportation of goods at the base level 2. The installation location is restricted, and it is not suitable for elevators 3. Geological conditions are restricted, and foundation pits are not allowed 4. The volume of goods is wider or longer Special requirements such as 5. The general lifting height does not exceed ten floors. 6. The indoor or outdoor requirements for imported and exported products. 3. The significance of the explosion-proof safety function. The pollution source of explosive gas, steam, dust or fiber at the production site is a blasting risk In places, electrical sparks, mechanical sparks and classic sparks often cause explosions in the chemical industry or inflammables. The key to the explosion-proof function of the explosion-proof electric lifting platform is to avoid the risk of sparks and high temperatures, and to strengthen and improve the safety function detection and inspection of the explosion-proof platform in use It is of great significance to prevent fire and blasting incidents caused by the risk of equipment loss. The structure of the hydraulic electric lifting platform is divided into the mechanical structure part and the electrical equipment part. The explosion-proof certificate can only be obtained when the two parts meet the requirements of the explosion-proof function. Although the type test and the explosion-proof certificate are checked at the factory, they are in actual use. Its comprehensive explosion-proof safety function will be affected by factors such as device construction, overhaul and maintenance, and operating environment operation time.
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