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Simple and easy-to-understand manual hydraulic truck operation manual

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-12-03

Manual hydraulic truck is a new type of handling equipment that liberates manpower from tedious transportation work. It has made great contributions to the transportation development of the entire logistics enterprise and even the factory. Although it is widely used, some customers are novice purchasers. It is unavoidable that there are doubts about the use process of the truck. Now our factory has summarized the simple and easy-to-understand instructions for reference only.

1. Specifications and standards of trucks

Usually, the truck can reach the load requirement of 1-5 tons. There are many customers who buy 2 tons. Customers who have special needs for freight can ask the manufacturer to customize it. The steel plate support of the truck is the key load-bearing part for placing the goods. Place the heavy object at the center of gravity of the steel support, avoid placing it in the back position, avoid overweight placement, and avoid overly long placement, so as to ensure the smoothness of the entire handling process.

Second, the installation method of the handle of the truck

Nowadays, the trucks purchased by customers are transported to customers through logistics. For the convenience of loading, unloading and transportation, and to reduce the collision and wear of the trucks caused by external substances, the handle and the body are separated from each other, which needs to be handled by the customer. Install it yourself.

The installation method is as follows: remove the fixing screws and washers on the body of the truck, insert the handle into the body, and use a tool to connect the handle and the pump body.

3. Refueling and exhausting method of the truck

The manual pallet truck needs to be refueled and exhausted during use. Basically, the oil amount needs to be checked every three months, and it can be refueled when it is less; when the fork frame cannot be raised, it may be that air enters the pallet pressure. In the oil, you need to pull the handle to the down position and reciprocate several times.

Manual pallet trucks are widely used in factories, logistics and other occasions, and the operating knowledge involved is also relatively complex, so everyone must watch more learning videos before operation to improve their work efficiency.

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