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Simple lubrication method for elevator

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-12
Lifts are widely used to transport people and materials in vertical lifts. It has the functions of reasonable design, novel structure, stable operation, safety device, completeness, reliability, and easy installation and maintenance. The lubrication method of the elevator is generally divided into two types:    elevator oil lubrication. Raise the amount of lubricating oil, the deceleration body is filled with the vernier plug and the oil leaks outward. The elevator uses N320 worm gear lubricant. When the ambient temperature is below zero degrees Celsius, a low-viscosity lubricant should be used.   When it comes to oil price changes, it should be added to the original purpose of the same grade lubricating oil. It should not be mixed with different brands of lubricating oil, and mixed into the same license. Lubricants of different viscosity grades should be cleaned with the same brand of heating oil during operation.
Maintenance knowledge of electric pallet lift truck
In order to maintain a long-life platform lift, the important thing for the volume is to maintain an important part, which has been removed to avoid the entry of dust and foreign objects. These items must still be maintained regularly to maintain normal functions.   At any time, if the oil is blocked, clean the adjacent area, pass the mouth, and pipe fittings. When the oil pipe assembly of the elevator platform is blocked, all ports should be covered to prevent foreign objects from entering.   During the maintenance of the electric pallet lift truck platform, all parts should be cleaned and inspected, and all passages should be ensured not to be obstructed. All parts are covered to keep clean. Install the parts, making sure the parts are clean. New parts should be used, only in the upcoming opening.
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