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Six major problems of lithium batteries for electric stackers

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-25
For lithium battery packs of electric stackers, it is assumed that battery cell selection, pack technology, charger, protection board problems, wiring connections and improper use may cause serious danger to the battery pack! ! ! 1. The battery pack cannot be discharged. The battery pack cannot be discharged normally when in use. There are several reasons: low voltage of the battery pack, protection board protection or controller protection; damage to the protection board or controller; The switch is not turned on. To solve the above problems, you can take charge of the battery pack, find the protection board or the connection of the circuit. 2. The battery pack is discharged very quickly when the battery life is short. The reasons for this situation are: the battery is not fully charged; the voltage capacity of a single string varies greatly; the battery pack is short-circuited or the battery pack is self-discharged, causing the battery The battery was used up as soon as the group was fully charged. In view of the above defects, the battery pack can be recharged or replaced with defective cells to deal with it. 3. The voltage of the battery pack of the low-voltage battery pack is only half of the nominal voltage or negative voltage. This situation usually occurs when the battery pack is just assembled, and the reason is that the electric stacker battery pack is connected incorrectly. Perhaps a single battery is not fully connected; assuming that the battery pack is normal after being fully charged, but it is low after standing or using it for a period of time. This situation may be that the battery self-discharge is large or the battery pack has a slight short circuit. When the nominal voltage is low or negative voltage, it is necessary to connect the wires correctly from the beginning. In the case of low voltage immediately after full charge, the defective battery must be replaced. 4. The battery pack temperature is high. The battery pack has abnormally high temperature and hands when charging or discharging. This situation may be caused by the presence of high internal resistance batteries in the battery pack or the battery pack has a micro-short circuit, which causes the temperature rise of the battery pack during charging and discharging. high. Long-term high-temperature operation of the battery pack is very dangerous. In this case, it is necessary to replace the bad battery or correct the micro-short circuit. 5. Short cycle life of the battery pack. The life of the battery pack stops within the promised operating time. This situation is due to the poor consistency of the battery pack, or the function of a single battery pack in series is particularly poor, which makes the battery pack insufficiently charged during charging. It can't be finished when discharging. In this case, only defective batteries can be selected and replaced from scratch. 6. The battery pack leaks and catches fire. The battery pack of the electric stacker has liquid overflow during operation, and perhaps the battery pack suddenly catches fire during operation. This situation is rare but very dangerous when it occurs. Leaking liquid may also cause fire and explosion, because the overflowing electrolyte lithium hexafluorophosphate is an organic solvent, and its ignition point is very low. The reason is that the moisture of the battery cell is not completely dried, causing side reactions inside the battery cell to open the safety valve. The latter Poor sealing of battery core caps and poor protection. The fire may be caused by internal or external short circuit or leakage of the battery, the battery pack is close to the fire source and the packaging material is not fireproof, etc. Assuming that the battery is only leaking to replace the leaking battery, if the battery pack catches fire, it is necessary to cover it with a rescuer, fire-fighting sand, etc. It cannot be rescued with water, clothes, etc., because water is a conductor and clothes are flammable.
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