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Six major problems when choosing electric forklift stacking operation!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-03-27
1. Lower the fork of the electric pallet truck to orthogonally approach the shelf, and then enter its bottom.   2. The forks exit from the bottom of the shelf.   3. Raise the fork to the required height, make sure that the fork easily enters under the pallet, slowly approach the pallet to be unloaded until the load is safely placed on the fork.   Fourth, raise the fork until the pallet is lifted from the shelf.   5. Move backward and exit the channel slowly.  6. u200bu200bSlowly reduce the load and make sure that the fork will not encounter obstacles during the descent process.
Prediction of the future development trend of electric forklifts
One of the future development trends of electric forklifts is to realize intelligence. Based on the Internet of Things, the forklift of the intelligent terminal of the Internet of Vehicles will greatly improve the work efficiency of the forklift. With the development of the Internet of Vehicles technology, the remote data and information system of the forklift can be collected through the network in the future. In order to reduce the failure rate of forklifts, existing forklifts have remote sensing and diagnosis systems. The development of new technologies in the future will also make forklift maintenance less difficult.

The second development trend of electric forklifts is to connect with the supply chain. The design of forklifts should pay attention to the warehouse management system and data transmission in the supply chain. The third development trend is to realize the development of integrated systems and rely on the production of forklifts. Ability to integrate with the design of supply chain systems, upgrading traditional forklifts to high-tech.

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