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Specific maintenance steps for electric stacker battery

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-24
The battery of an electric stacker is very valuable. Now I want to tell you how to protect the battery. Many people are fooled by a completely shut down battery. Generally, batteries can be repaired with battery charging fluid. Why not turn off the battery completely? The editor pried open the battery. I don't know, just look at the so-called fully closed, inside and ordinary car lead batteries, which can make up for the repair of battery replenishment. Battery rehydration, 2 yuan a bottle, Mocha has to sell, about 450 ml. One bottle can generally repair a battery car, and a set of four batteries. Accumulator filling needle pliers a flat screwdriver Phillips screwdriver syringe tape cloth. First pry open the cover on the battery, because the inside is usually glued and the cover is cracked. There are six small holes inside, covered with a rubber cap, which is removed together with the surrounding white absorbent cotton. Using a syringe, add 25ml of make-up liquid to each hole (depending on the individual battery liquid shortage, be careful not to exceed the inner side of the top plate or the charging liquid will come out, because the charging liquid will be jubilant, add more smoke back). Pay attention to the ventilation in the hole, otherwise you can't add it in. Dry the surrounding leakage and restore the cover to absorb the cotton. Wrap the battery with tape. Your battery can last for two years.
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