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Specification for safe operation of all-electric stackers

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-19

1. The full-electric lithium pallet truck controls the employees not to drive after drinking, overweight or speeding, and are not allowed to brake or turn sharply. It is forbidden to store solvents and flammable gases in all-electric stackers.

2. All-electric stacker safety devices are compulsory and complete, each component is smart and useful, and its technical functions are excellent. Stacker trucks are strictly prohibited from driving with illness. Usually, all-electric stackers should be protected as necessary. All components are inspected carefully.

3. Keep the standard driving mode of the all-electric stacker. When the fork is off the ground, the fork is 10-20 cm above the ground. When the all-electric stacker is stopped, the fork is lowered to the ground and travels; When driving under poor route conditions, its weight is suitable for reducing cutting, and the driving speed of the all-electric stacker should be reduced.

4. If the electric controller is out of control during the driving of the fully electric stacker, the main power supply will be disconnected in real time.

5. Pay special attention to the real-time charging of the battery and the accurate protection of the battery during the use of the all-electric stacker. Pay attention to the steps when charging the battery, not only make the battery fully charged, but also not become excessively charged; when the battery is in a state of deficient power, the battery must be charged several times, and then it may as well be restored to normal state; often check Can the distilled water of the storage battery be full? If it is not full, add distilled water in real time.

6. In the control of the all-electric stacker, although the use of less long-term long-distance speeds up, when the all-electric stacker starts and the speed increases, steady and accelerate the pedal, if the road condition is better, the stacker High cars will continue to speed up. When the stacker needs to be delayed, easily speed up the pedal and lightly depress the brake pedal, so that the delayed energy can be fully used. If the all-electric stacker has a new braking function, the kinetic energy during the delay can be received. When the vehicle is passing down a slope, do not disconnect the circuit of the full-electric stacker's drive motor. Slowly step on the brake pedal to make the full-electric stacker run in the new braking mode, and use the kinetic energy of the vehicle to reduce the cut The energy of the battery is consumed.

7. When the all-electric stacker is in operation, do not mistake the 'progressive and backward' position switch as a steering switch. Unless the demand is urgently delayed, don't just step on the brake pedal to the end. In the process of vehicle application, if the battery power is not timely (which can be obtained through the electricity meter, the power loss indicator and other alarm devices), the battery should be charged as soon as possible, in order to avoid excessive discharge of the battery.

8. When the fully electric stacker is in operation, do not always use critical braking during high-speed driving; otherwise, it will become a huge conflict between the brake assembly and the driving wheel, and reduce the brake assembly , The service life of the driving wheel, and even damage the brake assembly and the driving wheel.

9. When the fully electric stacker is not in use, please put the forks to the lowest point to prevent the piston rod of the cylinder from being exposed to the air for a long time and rust; the driving wheels and front wheels must be guaranteed not Surrounded by debris and other debris; the power supply remains in a closed form.

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