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Structural characteristics and technical characteristics of electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-20

For electric forklifts, the DC power supply (battery) is the energy source for loading, unloading and handling vehicles. According to international statistics, the output of electric forklifts in Japan has already taken the lead by 1/3 of the total amount of forklifts. In some Western European countries such as Germany and Italy, the proportion of electric forklifts has reached around 50%. The fast commission of electric forklifts mainly benefits from the continuous catching up of various manufacturers. The appearance of the product mostly adopts a streamlined design, and the model becomes more beautiful. Its appearance has greatly improved the utility of electric forklifts. Generally speaking, the durability, reliability and suitability of electric forklifts have been significantly improved, which can be compared to internal combustion engine forklifts. This article mainly reviews the structural features and commissions of the four-point electric balance forklift, which has a large sales volume in the market.

1. Vehicle body  The vehicle body is the main structure of the forklift. It is usually made of steel plates above 5mm. It is characterized by no girders, high strength, and can withstand heavy loads. As far as the placement of the battery on the forklift body is concerned, there are two different manufacturing techniques to install the battery between the successive axles or on the rear axle. These two techniques represent the two optimal use of forklift design, and each has advantages and disadvantages, and has good stability. However, the usable space in the vehicle body is small, which limits the capacity of the battery. This is about the load capacity of 3t. Forklifts are not outstanding, but with regard to those activities that are complicated, large-tonnage forklifts with high battery capacity within 8 hours of employment have become serious.

Adopt large-capacity batteries to extend the continuous employment time of electric forklifts, thereby expanding the boundaries of the use of electric forklifts. This is the common pursuit of all forklift manufacturers. In the second situation, when the battery is arranged on the rear axle of the forklift, the focus of the forklift is improved, and the stability of the whole machine is affected. In view of the increased height of the forklift, the driver's seat is increased, so the driver has a wider vision during control, especially It is more suitable for handling bulky goods. When the battery is installed on the rear axle, the maintenance of the electromechanical and hydraulic pump is more convenient, because the electromechanical and hydraulic pump are self-evident after the battery and pedal are removed. Nowadays, most of the electric forklifts produced by domestic enterprises adopt the second technique, while international enterprises have both situations.

2. Mast  Nowadays, most electric forklifts at home and abroad have adopted a wide-view mast, and the lifting hydraulic cylinders have changed from being settled during the period to being settled on both sides. There are two kinds of positioning positions of the hydraulic cylinder: one is that the hydraulic cylinder is seated behind the mast; the other is that the hydraulic cylinder is seated outside the mast. Masts are usually divided into standard type, two-section type or three-section type. The lifting height of domestic forklifts is usually between 2~5m, and there are many below 3m and 3m. The lifting height of international electric forklifts is usually between 2~6m. In view of the high three-dimensional level of the stack, the lifting Above 3m, the demand for electric forklifts is much higher than at home.

3. Cab  Since most electric forklifts are used for indoor transportation, there is usually no closed cab, and only a protective overhead guard is installed. Comparing excellent electric forklifts across the country, they have been developed and developed according to excellent ergonomics, and adopt satisfactory hydraulic vibration-damping suspended seats. Perhaps the height and weight of the left-licensed driver can be adjusted. The dual-pedal acceleration system does not need to steer when the forklift changes its driving position, and the inclination angle of the azimuth plate column can be adjusted to prove the driver's conditions. The middle hydraulic control lever integrates the lifting and lowering and sequence of the mast. Therefore, these new designs greatly reduce the driver's work intensity.

4. Drive system  The drive system is one of the key components of electric forklifts. There are great differences in the structure of the drive system of various forklifts, and there are also differences in the arrangement of the single electromechanical system. In view of the dual electromechanical drive, the acceleration and climbing function is good, the traction is large, the electronic speed system is adopted to replace the original machine differential system, and the usability has been greatly improved.

5. Hydraulic system  Electric forklifts usually adopt single-line electromechanical, agitating gear pumps, so as to supply hydraulic energy for the improvement and skew of the mast employment system. In today’s domestic forklift trucks, in view of the fact that there is no speed control of the hydraulic electromechanical, the hydraulic electromechanical can only roll at a high speed after it is started. It will not be automatically adjusted with changes in function and pressure. The excess flow can only flow back to the fuel tank through the overflow valve. Into a waste of energy.

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