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Structural characteristics of electric forklift tires

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-10
Electric stacker forklift tires are composite products of rubber, fiber materials and metal materials. The manufacturing process is a generalized process of mechanical processing and chemical reactions. The rubber is mixed with the compounding agent and then extruded to form the tread; the cord is calendered, cut, and laminated to form a cord tube or cord; the steel wire is stranded and encapsulated into a bead; then all the semi-products are placed on the forming machine Combined into a blank tire, in the metal mold of the vulcanizing machine, vulcanized to make tire products. When processing radial tires, semi-finished parts are required to have high quality standards and high precision, strict processes, and a series of special equipment and very strict processes are required. Among the key points are the steel wire glue calendering, cutting, molding process and active mold vulcanization. There are two types of steel wire rolling: cold rolling and hot rolling. There are one molding method and two molding methods. The one-time forming method is to form the tire on a forming machine with a variable head section, and use two forming machines to form the tire in two stages. The first section of the chart can be carried out on a general semi-drum-type inelastic or radially elastic forming head, while the second section is formed on the swelling and setting head, so that the tire is transformed from a cylindrical shape to a circular ring shape. The primary function of the tire markings of electric pallet truck trucks is to increase the friction between the tread and the road surface to prevent wheel skidding. The tire markings advance the grounding elasticity of the tread. Under the action of the tangential force between the tread and the road surface, the markings block Large tangential elastic deformation can occur. As the tangential force increases, the tangential deformation increases, and the 'conflict effect' of the contact surface also increases, which in turn suppresses the slipping or slipping trend of the tread and the road surface. This largely eliminates the disadvantages of non-marking (smooth tread) tires that are easy to slip, making the car functions related to the friction between the tire and the road surface-power, braking, steering control and safety of traveling There is a reliable guarantee for normal performance. The tread is the part where the tire is in direct contact with the ground. It is made of natural or blended rubber. For the difference in practical use and the difference in the distance, the tread is engraved with markings of different shapes. It has the protection of the steel wire and the inside of the tire. The role of fiber is also the most frequently used and most worn part of the tire, including the central part and the shoulder part. It has the primary functions of driving, braking, drainage, vibration reduction, and steering. Although a part of the sidewall is not in contact with the ground, it has the function of absorbing the impact on the ground and protecting the steel wire or fiber layer in the carcass. The standard, type and name of the manufacturer are all written in this part. The carcass is the main skeleton of the electric stacker lithium pallet truck tire, which can withstand huge impact forces, such as the bearing pressure of the tire, internal air pressure and lateral shear. It is made of man-made fibers after being glued and interwoven in the rubber. It is made through heat treatment and other processes, and then cut according to the required standard size, rolled and pasted on the outside of the 'tire inner layer' to form part of the carcass. The buffer layer is the 'line layer' between the tread and the center of the carcass. It is mainly used to withstand the impact from the outside. Once the tread is cracked or cut, it will not directly damage the carcass, and it can also prevent the tire. The role of the surface and the carcass. In the tire, only the buffer layer is in contact with the ground in the circumferential direction, but the cover extends from the tread and twists along the sidewall of the sidewall to wrap the tire. The endless belt layer is deeply implanted between the tread and the carcass and extends in the circumferential direction. It has a high-tension reinforcing belt and acts as a buffer layer, which tightly buckles the carcass and advances the strength of the tread. The bead is the part where the inner edge of the tire of the electric stacker lithium pallet truck is in contact with the steel rim, and serves to fix the tire on the steel rim. It has built-in high-tension bundled steel wires to tightly buckle the rim. The bead space is to strengthen the tensile strength of the bead. A space is naturally left on the outside of the annulus. There is a buffered clearance for the extension of the annulus, and the structural strength of the hollow is greater than that of the solid one. The inner cover is used to protect the bead and strengthen the tire edge, which can effectively help the bead to be fixed on the rim. Airtight rubber is generally used for tubeless wheels. There is a layer of airtight rubber inside the tires to prevent the leakage of high-pressure air. The electric stacker lithium pallet truck tires and the steel rims are kept tightly at all times. If there are small holes in the tires, the leakage can still be minimized.
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