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Structure and practice of electric forklift stop inspection system

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-24
System hardware structure In this system, the hardware control core adopts the distributed I7000 series intelligent module of Taiwan Hongge Company. Its asynchronous half-duplex two-wire RS-485 network can communicate with the upper industrial computer and built-in dual watchdog (WDT) , You can set the power-on preset value and the safety value when the host fails.   The analog quantity acquisition module I7017 can choose 8 differential channels or 6 differential + 2 single-ended (jump selection) channels, and the sampling frequency reaches 15.7Hz to collect the signal from the sensor. The power relay output/isolated switch input module I7063D with LED display, receives the level signal from the remote control receiver and proximity switch, and 3 relay output channels control the lifting airbag and motor. The COM1 port can be jumpered to select RS-232 or RS-485, and can also be used as a program download port, built-in 'addressable RS-485 and RS-232 converter' software, real-time monitoring on-board D/I and RS-232 The equipment can control D/O output according to user requirements. Two RS-232 device ports are used to receive programmable keyboard and barcode scanner input. The functional diversity of this intelligent module greatly facilitates the system development and research, and the system measurement and control block diagram.  The detection system is mainly composed of industrial computer system, I7000 series module, multi-serial port card (RS232 to RS485), sensor, in-position detection device and airbag lifting device, solenoid valve, motor and other actuators. The main functions include detection, control, display, information management and other parts. The detection part converts the forklift braking force signal into the corresponding electric signal, the control part completes the start and stop of the motor, the action of the mechanical equipment, etc., the display part displays the measured data on the industrial computer and the electronic display screen, and the information management part It provides functions such as user login permission setting, system parameter calibration, data storage, backup, recovery and query, report form, and printing. System software design The entire system software is written in VB6, which is mainly composed of the main program, I7000 series modules, braking force detection, real-time display, parameter plots, 3 main program flowcharts, manual entry, data storage, query, report, printing, backup It is composed of subroutines such as recovery. The main program flow chart. I7522 intelligent communication module subroutines are written in C language and downloaded to the module EPROM through RS-232, and receive information from the keyboard or barcode scanner. The main program compares this information with the data in the SQL database and extracts relevant detection parameters for eligibility determination and data processing. The communication subprogram with the LED display screen is written in C language and compiled into DDL (Dynamic Link Library) files for the main program to call, which greatly improves the development efficiency.   Calibration and Error Compensation The braking force test bench measures the braking force of a battery car or a fuel car with a load of 3 tons or 6 tons, using a load cell with a range of 10000N and an accuracy of 0.1%. The signal input and output are in a linear relationship. Let Y be the braking force of the forklift, and X is the output voltage of the sensor collected by the I7017 module. The formula is as follows: Among them, k is the magnification and b is the error compensation value.   Yu003df(X)u003dkX+b The steps of using weight calibration to obtain Xi and Yi are: remove the roller drive chain, and lock the overrunning clutch with the roller with bolts, and install the calibration lever at the specified position of the roller. After the calibration lever is installed, the braking force indication value should still be reset to zero, otherwise, a balance weight should be added to the calibration lever to return it to zero. The standard weight Yi is added to the 1m lever of the force arm, and the output voltage Xi is measured. Through this method, a group of Xi and Yi between 0 and 10000N are sequentially measured. Finally, the k and b values u200bu200bcan be calculated by the least square method. Fix a set of values u200bu200bof k and b with weights.  Concluding remarks As part of the lithium pallet truck truck performance testing line, the test bench has been operating with stable and reliable system performance, ideal measurement results, convenient maintenance, and all technical indicators have reached the expected results.
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