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The Use and Maintenance Guide of the Battery of Lithium Pallet Jacks

The Use and Maintenance Guide of the Battery of Lithium Pallet Jacks


The battery of our lithium ion pallet jack is an essential part of the entire system. It is the heart of the machine and provides the power to do all kinds of work. A battery's primary function is to store energy and get it back when needed, but it can also help you maintain the good health of your lithium ion pallet jack. You should be responsible for taking care of your battery of lithium pallet jacks so that it doesn't run out on you or break down in any way. The guide below will show you how to keep your lithium ion pallet jack battery healthy and ready for action!

Charging the lithium-ion batteries

●The indoor temperature for lithium battery charging is recommended to be between 0-30 . Charging at a higher temperature may cause the battery to become hot and damage the battery; charging in an environment with too low room temperature may cause lithium battery Lithium ion analysis evolution.

●Don't charge a wet lithium pallet jack. If you accidentally let water get into your battery, then there may be problems with electric shock or fire when trying to recharge it again after drying out!

●Do not use high-power batteries in any situation with an accident risk involved; this includes near-flammable materials like gasoline fumes or explosive gas mixtures such as propane cylinders.

Unplug the charging plug as soon as possible after charging to avoid overcharging the lithium battery pallet truck and causing safety accidents.

Confirm the compatibility of the forklift charger, if the charger is not matched, it will seriously affect the service life of the battery, or directly damage the battery.

Dont use the lithium ion pallet jack while charging, it need to be temporarily stop charging, otherwise the power will flow back and damage the battery.


Using the lithium batteries

Use the battery in an environment of 0-30 ℃.

If the power usage is lower than 30%, please charge it as soon as possible to ensure its normal use in the future.

●If there is any abnormality in the process of using the lithium battery, it is necessary to stop using it immediately and hand it over to a professional person to troubleshoot the cause and repair it.


Storing the Lithium Pallet Jacks batteries

Keep them in a cool, dry place where they will not be exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity levels which can damage them over time.

●Keep them out of direct sunlight and away from anything else that may cause heat buildup inside.

Keep yourself clean and away from corrosive substances, so as not to corrode the inside of the battery and cause adverse reactions.

●It should not be stored after the battery is completely exhausted. It is recommended to store the battery at 50% or more. If maintenance is required, the battery is recommended to be at 50-80%.

Checking the pallet truck batteries

Check the battery status of your powered pallet truck regularly.

Check the battery status after charging.

Check the battery status before charging.

Look out for warning signs, such as a dead short circuit or overheating of an individual cell, which could cause an explosion or fire in your workplace premises and potentially injure workers nearby if left unattended for too long.

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