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Water replenishment instructions for electric forklift batteries

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-10

In many companies today, the company's ordinary consumption may require the assistance of electric forklifts in ordinary transportation. In today's market, the demand for electric forklifts continues to be in a relatively high position. Now plans All of the electric stackers are very inconvenient, convenient and simple, and they play a very important role in normal consumption.

However, there are still most people on the issue of'refilling' the battery of electric stackers. No further attention. Here, the editor will explain to the master the key points that need to be paid attention to in the issue of'refilling water' for forklift batteries.

First of all, stop charging and discharging the battery of the electric stacker. During the process, the water in the electrolyte will evaporate and shrink due to electrolysis, so even if it is a very tight pace, if there is no real-time compensation, the vulcanization rate of the battery plate will occur, which will prolong the battery to a certain level. The application life of the battery.

Secondly, the water in the battery of the electric stacker is not able to make up for the ordinary pure water. What is needed is distilled water, which can be bought in the hospital or in the chemical store. Distilled water. It is also a very tight problem to make up for the amount of water. Generally speaking, the liquid level should be higher than 10-15 mm.

Initially, if something falls carelessly when adding liquid Don’t start fishing with metal items, but use wooden rods to remove impurities. Metal materials will react with sulfuric acid, and the reaction will occur, which will affect the life of some batteries to a certain extent.

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