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What are the 8 major models of electric stackers?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-09
1. A pallet stacker, with bottom legs in front of the stacker, is suitable for loading, unloading and transshipment of goods with national standard single-sided pallets or without pallets, featuring excellent prices. 2. The forward-moving electric stacker is fundamentally similar to the counterweight type. There is no front bottom leg with a counterweight. The difference is that the fork and the mast of the truck can move backward and forward at a certain interval, generally 560mm, In this way, the length of the stacker can be appropriately shortened, and the requirements for the passage must be alleviated, and the price is similar to that of the heavy stacker. 3. Wide-supported electric leg stacker, the front bottom leg of the stacker is wide, generally the inner width is 550/680mm, the wide leg can be 1200/1500mm, and the double-sided pallet can be loaded and unloaded (the length of the double-sided pallet lacks inner Wide, limited to it), strengths: moderate price, it can handle the requirements of double-sided pallets or some special goods electric stackers. 4. Single-post stacker, that is, under the traditional mast lifting method, it is changed to single-pole lifting, so that the lifting speed is not restricted by the parallel of the two ends, and the speed is stable and uniform. The general transmission method is also changed from chain type to belt type pulling. Make it rise and fall evenly. 5. The side-shift stacker, the fork of the stacker is installed on the side, and the loading and unloading operations are carried out on the side. The first thing to do is to deal with the situation where the passage is too small. The general production method of the truck is to install side shift attachments, but the formal production method It is an integrated side shift fork. The author has seen a similar model at a German exhibition, the price is 1 million US dollars. 6. Counterbalanced stacker has no bottom legs in front of the stacker, and a counterweight is added to the rear of the stacker. The forks can be tilted forward and backward to ensure the level of the shovel. Strengths: Wide range of applications, similar to traditional internal combustion forklifts; Defects: The whole vehicle is too heavy and too long, and requires relatively high channel spacing, and the price is relatively high. 7. All-stainless steel lithium pallet truck, the whole truck is made of stainless steel, suitable for places with higher environmental sanitation requirements, such as food, medicine, etc., and the price is slightly higher. 8. The anti-riot stacker is a special model and has compulsory production requirements. It is suitable for places with higher safety requirements. It is expensive and requires high skills. The anti-riot stacker has a riot rating mark. The above models are commonly used in shopping malls. Of course, there are many classifications of electric stackers, especially some non-standard stackers. There are various types, not listed one by one, but generally speaking, the typical classifications are quite different. It is the above-mentioned models, and other non-standard stacker vehicles are generally based on the above-mentioned models, and different parts can be modified for special purposes.
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