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What are the advantages of all-electric stackers compared to diesel forklifts?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-08
All-electric stackers can be divided into all-electric lift trucks, all-electric stackers, forward-moving all-electric forklifts, counterbalanced forklifts, seated electric forklifts, electric hydraulic loaders, electric pallet stackers, and electric stackers. Machines are also collectively referred to as electric forklifts, not only in terms of electric energy saving, but also in the design and manufacture of the entire equipment to meet the needs of modern cargo handling. Therefore, it is popular in the diesel forklift market. As the country's environmental protection requirements continue to increase, the market demand for diesel forklifts will gradually decrease in the future. On the contrary, the market demand for electric forklifts with environmental protection characteristics will inevitably increase year by year. Although its price is relatively expensive in the short term, because the maintenance cost is lower than that of diesel forklifts, and the maintenance period is two to three times that of diesel forklifts, the maintenance time is much less than that of diesel forklifts, which can greatly save maintenance labor costs. Effectively shorten the forklift's downtime, help improve the work efficiency of the forklift, and increase the economic benefits. With its high performance, more reliable and safer, easier operation and maintenance advantages, it has become an inevitable trend of forklift development. So what are the advantages of electric forklifts compared to diesel forklifts?   One: serialization, large-scale, serialization is an important trend in the development of electric forklifts. Famous foreign companies have gradually realized the serialization of their products, forming products of different specifications from miniature to extra-large. At the same time, the cycle of product upgrades has been shortened. Compared with internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts are characterized by high technology content, easy maintenance, clean and environmentally friendly. In the future, the maintainability and operability of the new generation of electric forklifts will be stronger, and the display and fault diagnosis system will be more complete.  2: The establishment of specialized, multi-variety automatic storage systems and large supermarkets has stimulated the growth of demand for indoor handling machinery. Electric storage forklifts help users to a large extent realize the replacement of human labor by machine operations and improve production efficiency. Similarly, it can also be well adapted to the use requirements of narrow urban construction sites, warehouses, docks, warehouses, spaces, building floors and underground engineering operations. This is one of the reasons for the rapid development of electric storage forklifts.  3: Safety and comfort  With the acceleration of the internationalization process, China's electric forklifts have gradually entered the international market. The square and pointed appearance of the old-fashioned forklifts are being replaced by the arc-shaped appearance of the streamlined electric forklifts, which greatly expands the driver's vision and improves the operational safety. The new electric pallet truck will pay more attention to efficiency and improve operating comfort.
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