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What are the advantages of electric forklift brands Linde and Jungheinrich? What are the advantages of domestic electric forklifts?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-18
In fact, in terms of technology, it is fair to say that Linde and Jungheinrich’s electric forklifts have their own merits. Linde’s technology has an advantage in publicity. After all, his transmission system and hydraulic are the trump cards. The ten-year warranty of hydrostatic transmission can be called He still has his capital when he comes out. And it belongs to a century-old brand, and I believe its selection of suppliers should be very strict. Forklifts are non-installed mechanical products, and mechanical products are not bad. Of course, German technology will reduce the failure rate to a certain extent, so after-sales is still involved. Jungheinrich entered China later than Linde. The distribution of marketing and after-sales is relatively weak. And it seems that Linde does not just grab an agent and do it for you. They open branches one by one. Now it seems that a few agents are doing it, but most of them are direct sales. Then their investment is large, and the guarantee to the users is more sufficient. Of course, the wool is on the sheep, and the good after-sales are given and the timeliness of the after-sales is guaranteed. Then the cost will be paid. If you want to be in a large city, there is nothing wrong with which of these two you buy. But in some places where the economy is lagging behind the Pearl River Delta, Linde estimates that it is still more reliable. As for you say you want to compare with domestic cars, I definitely don't have to. Not one level. If you want to compare BMW with domestic cars, you can only say that everything is an advantage. After all, you get what you pay for. If you insist on the advantages, the choice of battery must be the imported brand's large capacity and the continuous working time is longer than that of domestic products. The battery decay cycle is longer. The domestically produced battery will last less than one and a half years, and the battery power supply time will be shortened. You don't feel the imported brand until about three years later. Then the failure rate is low and the failure rate is high. If there are dozens of vehicles, it doesn’t matter. If only one vehicle is broken and the logistics is stopped, the efficiency should be higher. After all, the control method and the comfort of the operator are natural and the efficiency is high. If you have 3 people doing things, 2 others or just one person can do it, then you need to raise one less person. Now the cost of raising one worker should not be low. Now the electric pallet truck industry is much more transparent than before, and there is no such thing as a fool (but not absolutely, you will be unlucky if you encounter unscrupulous) existence is justified. In fact, I think that if you are a leader in the industry, the financial situation is loose, and the working conditions are relatively bad (for example, long working hours, three shifts, large traffic volume, or poor working environment, heavy dust, etc.) to choose imported cars is relatively Great. Save labor costs and improve logistics efficiency. If you are a small and medium-sized enterprise, after all, these two imported brands are not cheap, and the traffic volume is not large. I think it is more reliable to buy an electric forklift. After all, the company will develop. Even if two more people are used now, it will definitely be recruited in the future. The small quantity will not reflect the efficiency. After all, the truck will stop after the fork is finished.
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