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What are the advantages of electric forklift lithium batteries compared to lead-acid batteries?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-10
In the current battery market, lithium batteries have quickly occupied the market by virtue of their advantages such as safety, cost reduction, low maintenance costs, long service life, energy saving and environmental protection, and are gradually replacing traditional lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries have a wide range of applications. In addition to electric vehicles, forklifts, towers, base stations and other scenarios can be applied. The following editor of electric pallet truck manufacturers will introduce the advantages of forklift lithium batteries compared to lead-acid batteries. Which. What are the advantages of using lithium batteries for electric forklifts over batteries? Lithium batteries for electric vehicles are affected by the popularity of charging equipment, the limitation of cruising range, and the uncontrollable driving area. At present, most of the lithium batteries are used in commuter vehicles, electric maintenance vehicles, sanitation vehicles and short-term buses. And other ranges. However, because most of the forklifts work in the factory area, the work intensity and environment are fixed, and the work intensity is generally strong. Therefore, many advantages of lithium batteries can be reflected in electric forklifts. The benefits of lithium battery electric forklifts: reduce logistics costs and long life: up to three times as long as traditional lead-acid batteries. Cost savings: save more than 40% of electricity, reduce management costs, and save battery storage space. Maintenance-free: no need to add water, no pollution such as dripping and corrosion. Improve operation efficiency. Fast charging mode, 1-3 hours fast charging mode is suitable for multi-shift operation. It can be charged and used to avoid the time and safety risks of battery replacement. It is more powerful and can completely replace internal combustion forklifts. Technology monitors the status of forklifts and batteries to improve forklift management. Enhance corporate image: more environmentally friendly, pollution-free, corrosion-free, and lead-free. Energy saving and safety. High-tech, more advanced, represents the direction of industrial development. Since lithium batteries have incomparable advantages compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, their application in the forklift industry will definitely have a strong impact on the original forklift market. The emergence of lithium battery forklifts is the general trend, and the logistics industry is fast. Development requires a forklift that has a short charging time, long use time, stable performance, can withstand high-intensity work, and has a high degree of automation and intelligence. The emergence of lithium batteries has added a bright spot to the development of the forklift industry!
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