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What are the advantages of storage electric forklifts?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-10
Because electric forklifts use batteries for power, the plasticity of the installation structure is extremely strong, which can adapt to the requirements of various working spaces, and the shape can be customized according to user needs. The current mature electric pallet truck types mainly include: four-wheel counterbalanced electric forklift, three-wheel counterbalanced electric forklift, four-way walking forward electric forklift, three-way stacking electric forklift, forkless legs with heavy-duty electric stacking forklift , Fork-leg electric stacker forklifts, electric side forklifts, front-moving electric forklifts, walking electric stackers, electric pallet trucks, high-position electric picking trucks, etc., suitable for different working conditions. The advantages of electric forklifts over internal combustion forklifts are mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. Electric forklifts have 'low noise and no exhaust emissions'. Because electric forklifts use batteries as the power source of forklifts, the biggest advantage over internal combustion forklifts lies in 'low noise, low noise, and no exhaust emissions.' 'No tail gas emission' has been recognized by the majority of users. 2. The use cost of electric forklifts is low. A 3-ton diesel internal combustion forklift (calculated at 60 VDI consumption of 5.5 liters of diesel per hour) consumes 40 liters of diesel per shift, and the cost is 280 yuan based on diesel 7 yuan/liter. The same 3 ton electric forklift (battery 80V/500AH) needs to consume 80 kWh of electricity for two charges (discharge 80% and supplementary electricity 120%) according to the operation of one shift, and the cost is 64 yuan based on the average industrial electricity price of 0.8 yuan. Then each shift saves 216 yuan in usage costs. Calculated by 250 work shifts a year, 54,000 yuan can be saved. 3. The electric forklift is simple and convenient to operate and reduces labor intensity. Because the steering system, hydraulic system, and acceleration system of the electric forklift are all controlled by electrical signals, it greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operators, and the operation is simple and flexible, and at the same time greatly improves Work efficiency and operation accuracy. With or without operating experience, you only need to go through simple training to start operation. Fourth, maintenance advantages, the maintenance time of a new internal combustion forklift is usually 500 working hours, while the maintenance time of a new electric forklift is usually 1,000 working hours, and the maintenance cycle of electric forklifts is longer than that of internal combustion forklifts. There are many maintenance items for internal combustion forklifts. In addition to the maintenance of general items, internal combustion forklifts also need to 'replace the oil, air filter, oil filter, diesel filter, engine transmission belt, gear oil' and so on. In addition to the general maintenance items, electric forklifts only need to periodically check whether the battery level is lowered and replenish distilled water in time.
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