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What are the benefits of using aluminum alloy aerial work platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-18
Generally, customers will consider many factors when selecting aluminum alloy aerial work platforms: quotation, function, safety, stability, etc., summarize the selection of suitable equipment, and the common equipment used for large tonnage lifting is guide rail type aerial work. Another way is to use electric hoist to touch the crane, we can analyze the difference between the two from the use of the equipment and various aspects. 1. Firstly, the operation plans of the two are different, and the types of operations are different. Cranes are generally used for large-tonnage horizontal movement and forwarding purposes. They are generally used for steel production. Ports and docks have relatively large load-bearing capacity. The subordinate equipment is more expensive. Because of the variety of hydraulic aerial work methods, the aluminum alloy lifting methods can be used for all the tasks that can be performed by cranes. 2. Thirdly, the speed of the two is different. The crane can lift and move the heavy objects in a short time because of the use of high-speed motors. However, the aluminum alloy aerial platform stacker cannot do it in a short time. The hydraulic aerial lifting equipment is all It is slow to rise and fall and has good stability. 3. The working methods are different, one is to use steel wire rope to lift and the other is to use hydraulic equipment to lift, and the power transmission method is different. 4. Differences in stability and high-altitude practicability. The hydraulic high-altitude lifting equipment can complete messy high-altitude operations, and the stability and safety are appropriately high. However, the crane cannot carry people and can only perform basic functions such as lifting and moving. The advantage of high-altitude operations is not as good. The hydraulic high-altitude lifting equipment has good practicability. 5. Regarding production operations, it is recommended to use cranes with higher frequency of use. For valuables and lower speed requirements, aluminum alloy aerial work platforms can be selected.
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