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What are the characteristics of domestic aerial work platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-29
1) The application of specialized new products in product operations has gradually penetrated into various occupations. The high-altitude operation platform gradually evolves to high-altitude operations, high-altitude cleaning, high-altitude routes and other high-altitude operations, and to efficient and professional operations; users pay more attention to professional skills. (2) The product structure is light. According to the structure finite element analysis and three-dimensional dynamic simulation planning (virtual prototype), new products are designed for the lightweight structure. High-strength steel and aluminum alloy machinery has been slightly improved; with the development of composite materials, the data of advanced composite materials such as FRP and carbon fiber have been tested. (3) The product form is diversified. The new product structure is becoming more and more abundant. A diversified structure including folding + elastic mixed arms, curved arms, swing arms, and up and down straight channels is proposed. The hybrid boom can operate at high altitude and low altitude, which is the direction of product technology innovation. (4) Intelligent control system, following the development of modern operation technology, and the continuous improvement of the operating height of aerial work platforms, the safety, reliability and operating comfort of the product, input and use of microprocessor control technology, field bus control technology, Sensor technology and communication equipment control systems are moving in the direction of intelligence. (5) Diversified construction needs; from different operating environments, structural forms, power forms (silent, hybrid), functional requirements (concave and convex roads, mountain cross-country, outdoor cross-country, etc.), the needs for construction projects are diversified , Distinctive, help further diversification. The requirements for hydraulic pressure, pneumatic tools, and emergency power sources have increased. (6) The humanization and safety functions of operating functions are continuously improved. The application of ergonomics has further improved the operating comfort of the equipment, and the safety testing equipment has become more and more complete, and critical testing equipment has been planned to develop redundant backups and software programs.
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