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What are the characteristics of the aerial work lifting platform industry

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-16
The aerial work platform industry has the following four characteristics:    (1) The demand for conservatism is relatively significant. The aerial platform stacker users mainly gather in electric power, municipal administration and gardening and other professions. Affected by the budget handling guidelines and acquisition guidelines of national administrative institutions and large state-owned enterprises such as electric power, the shipment volume of the aerial platform stacker industry in the fourth quarter accounted for about 40% of the whole year.  (2) Various types, small batches. As product demand touches occupations such as street lamps, gardens, electric power, petrochemicals, and communications, the uses of products are different, and the requirements for product standards, technical parameters and other indicators are quite different. Professional products have strong specificity, outstanding individual requirements, and type standards. Features such as multiple, small subdivision shopping malls and small planning, and the production batches of each standard product are small.  (3) Suitable for the development of specialized SMEs. The aerial work platform industry has the characteristics of small occupational planning, multiple types of production, strong specificity, high technical content, high safety requirements, and significant differentiated needs. Generally, it can only be customized, and it is difficult to achieve mass production with a single standard product. , Suitable for the development of specialized small and medium-sized enterprises, and large enterprises cannot invest corresponding technology research and development resources, market development resources and management energy as the leading industry. The professional characteristics restrict the entry of large enterprises.  (4) The product has the characteristics of high technical requirements and high added value. The aerial platform stacker products touch many areas of technology such as cars, machinery, electrical, computer, automation, etc., are typical technology-intensive products, and customers have high requirements for product safety and control, and companies must have Strong research and development ability to meet customer requirements. A product, especially a customized product with a large operating height and special needs of the electric power industry, generally has a high value per unit and a high added value of the product.
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