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What are the common rules for choosing electric stackers

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-22
What are the common rules for choosing an electric stacker? I summarize the following points for everyone: 1. The brand of electric stacker used by occupations with poor operating environment and heavy workload as the reference target, can withstand harsh environment testing The best electric stacker is a good electric stacker. 2. The ex-factory price of electric stacker trucks produced by manufacturers is always lower than the prices sold by agents. If users find that the price of the same type of products is much lower than the price quoted by the factory producing all-electric stacker trucks on the Internet, please beware of cheating Buy a trap. Don't think that the price is low and buy it right away. Think that you can buy high-quality and low-cost products. On the contrary, the quality of low-priced products will definitely have problems. 3. It is more important to understand the strength and setting of the manufacturer in certain areas. It is more important to be able to inquire about it online or through related friends than to understand an all-electric stacker from the outside. Fourth, most companies pay more attention to the trend of brand and quality rather than price, and do not follow the trend. Even if it is the same product, different manufacturers have different planning ideas. So companies that order electric stackers must take you into consideration. Safety issues of the electric stacker. Can not simply consider the price is cheap. 5. It is best for companies to order forklifts through manufacturers. Now there are more online sales units, but not many real manufacturers. Real production companies are welcome to visit the manufacturers. Even if there is no spot in the workshop, there are at least semi-finished products and accessories. If there is nothing, it can only mean that it is not the real manufacturer. 6. Understanding and understanding of the entire product and the manufacturer will make the final decision in the future. I believe that 90% of the selection is correct, and I am confident about the products I buy.
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