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What are the differences between a legless counterbalanced stacker and a leg-insertion stacker?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-11-06
The main function of the stacker is to electric pallet lift truck heavy objects to a certain height. Physics is called overcoming gravity work! Most stackers use a fork-type design, which is conducive to the use of pallets. According to different pallet types, our electric stacker manufacturers have designed a variety of different styles of stackers, which can be roughly divided into: legless counterbalanced stackers, fork-leg counterbalanced stackers, and wide-legged stackers. High car, forward moving stacker. But generally speaking, it is divided into two types: supporting legs and non-supporting legs! The following electric pallet truck will take you to take a look at the difference between them:    As can be seen from the above picture, the fork-leg stacker is forklifting. There are two support legs underneath, used to bear the gravity from heavy objects! Among them, the fork lifts the goods to achieve up and down displacement, but this support leg is fixed, that is, it cannot move up and down, nor can it be stretched back and forth, that is to say, its body and Supporting feet (supporting legs) are kept in sync. At present, many stackers adopt this shape. The advantages of fork-leg stackers:   1. It can increase the stability of the body. In professional terms, the wheelbase of the front and rear wheels is increased, which makes the vehicle move forward and backward. Time is more secure and stable. 2. It can effectively reduce the weight of the car body; because if the legless design is adopted, the lever principle must be used. If the carrying capacity of the rated size cargo with a load of 1.5 tons is required, the weight of the whole vehicle needs to be at least 1.5T or more In order to lift the corresponding goods; but the fork-leg design is a good way to make up for the shortcomings caused by this lever principle. The fulcrum is ingeniously extended forward through the form of supporting legs for a greater distance, then its load capacity and the body itself The weight can easily exceed the 1:1 ratio; for example, a cargo with a load of 1.5 tons does not need to be bulky to 1.5 tons. Maybe the body weight is half of its own weight, which is 750kg. Can electric pallet lift truck 1.5 tons of cargo. It can be seen that the design of the fork-leg stacker has greatly improved the traditional lever principle. 3. It can effectively shorten the size of the stacker, making it compact and powerful! Because of the support legs and the fulcrum is moved forward, the rear only needs to follow the necessary equipment of the whole vehicle without adding additional counterweights, so the body The length can be effectively reduced.   Fork-legged stacker Disadvantages:   1. There are more restrictions on the scope of use: it is not suitable for high-gradient environments. Generally speaking, the climbing degree cannot exceed 7°, otherwise there is a danger of the chassis stranding. It is not suitable for shelves and stacking places where the forks cannot be accessed at the bottom. 2. There are higher requirements for the pallets that are used together: pallets can be roughly divided into single-sided and double-sided; single-sided pallets mean that the upper panel is used to store goods, and the support column or support stall is under the panel, and then it comes down. On the ground, single-sided pallets can also be called single-layer pallets. Double-sided pallets are also called double-layer pallets. On the basis of single-sided pallets, there is a panel under the support column, and then the panel lands on the ground. In other words, the double-sided pallet has two layers of panels, and it can be used in many cases. Yes; but single-sided pallets can only be used with the panel facing up. Fork-leg stackers can only be used with single-sided pallets, because the support feet and forks enter the gap of the pallet synchronously, and then the fork lifts the pallet, and the support feet are left intact to support the whole vehicle and the goods. Therefore, if it is used with a double-sided pallet, there will be two undesirable results: 1. The fork and the support leg cannot enter the pallet gap; 2. The fork and the support leg enter the pallet space synchronously, but the fork lifts the upper panel of the pallet during lifting , The support legs are still pressing on the lower panel, causing damage to the pallet or damage to the stacker or intact!   3. There are certain requirements for the height of the pallet. Generally speaking, when the fork of the fork-leg stacker is placed at the lowest point ( That is, the fork is placed directly on the support leg. The minimum height is generally 85mm or 90mm; then the height of the pallet gap used in conjunction must exceed the minimum height of the fork before it can be used. Compared with fork-leg stackers, legless counterbalanced stackers also have many advantages and disadvantages:   legless counterbalanced stackers Advantages: wide range of applications, and a certain degree of climbing degree compared with fork-leg stackers. The lowest point of the fork can reach 50mm or even lower, and single and double sided pallets can be easily used.
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