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What are the differences between AC and DC technologies for electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-30
1. The electric pallet truck with AC drive system is used for life-long maintenance-free motor. The overall performance is significantly improved, the failure and component replacement rate is significantly reduced, and the reliability is greatly enhanced; the forklift has higher productivity per unit time, and lower operation and maintenance costs, which will give users Bring very significant benefits. Therefore, once the AC drive system is launched, it has not only won the trust of forklift manufacturers, but also has become more and more favored by users. It has become the trend and direction of electric pallet truck technology development in recent years. Its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects: low operation and maintenance costs, AC motors are maintenance-free for life.

The AC motor does not need a commutation commutator (forward and backward commutation), saving parts. More importantly, the AC motor has no carbon brushes and commutator, not only the size of the motor is lighter and smaller, the running speed is increased, but also the trouble of regular inspection and replacement of carbon brushes is completely eliminated. The biggest benefit from this is that the forklift motor does not require maintenance for almost life, which greatly enhances the reliability and stability of the forklift; at the same time, there is no need to reserve motor maintenance space when designing the forklift, and the motor can even be sealed. Make the forklift structure design more compact.

Second, regenerative braking function to reduce wear and tear regenerative braking is a non-contact braking, greatly simplified than the traditional braking system. Regardless of whether the driver brakes by stepping on the brake pedal or switching the driving direction to brake, the electric motor will be in the generator state, and its electromagnetic torque will become a braking torque. This means that the wear of the brake pads is minimized. The mechanical wear is greatly reduced, which reduces forklift maintenance costs and lowers operating costs. At the same time, AC motors are more efficient in driving and braking. When braking or reversing, regenerative energy is generated. The stronger the brake, the more energy can be regenerated. The energy storage device of the AC drive system will automatically start when braking or reversing, returning energy to the battery, so that the battery's working time and life are longer. Although some DC-driven forklifts also have regenerative braking, they must be activated when braking is strong. This also means that part of the regenerative energy is converted into heat when braking. In almost all cases, AC motors will generate energy regeneration, and continue to act until the forklift is completely stationary, which is obviously more efficient than DC motors in energy regeneration. 3. Accelerate faster and improve efficiency. The maximum speed of AC motors is much higher than that of DC motors, and the power is stronger. Moreover, the AC motor can feed the obtained regenerative energy back to the battery, which not only prolongs the battery life, but also can use this energy to improve the overall performance of the forklift. The result is that the forklift starts faster during driving, the acceleration/deceleration performance is greatly improved, and the time and travel distance to reach the maximum speed are shortened. Studies have shown that in most practical use, the forklift has a very long handling operation distance from start to stop. At least 20m. The excellent acceleration performance of the AC motor makes it possible to achieve full-speed operation of the forklift in such a short distance, and the work efficiency of the forklift is significantly improved. Fourth, the operation is more flexible. The AC drive system plays a unique role in improving the comfort of the forklift driver. Since AC motors are smaller and lighter than DC motors, this makes the design of forklifts relatively more flexible. For example, with this flexibility, space can be effectively arranged, so that fuel pipes, wiring harnesses and other components can move in a reasonable direction, and the center of gravity of the vehicle can be lowered, making the vehicle more stable and more comfortable to drive. In short, the AC drive system, as a new generation technology for forklifts, is bound to be more and more widely used. This is known as the 'revolutionary technology of electric forklifts in the 21st centuryAfter all, the future competition will be more of a contest of technology. Whoever has mastered the new technology will be able to win more advantages in the future market and occupy a more advantageous position. It is foreseeable that in the next five years, half of the forklifts manufactured in China will be exchanged. In terms of technology, the more important trend is that with the development of control technology, the development of the power system of electric forklifts requires that the motor and the electronic control match each other.
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