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What are the differences in the practical performance of three-point and four-point electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-03
1. Stability   The stability of the four-point electric forklift is better than that of the three-point electric forklift, but both types of forklifts must undergo strict stability tests before they leave the factory. my country's relevant forklift standards stipulate that the forklift shall undergo four stability tests on the tipping test bench, including: the longitudinal stability of the forklift when fully loaded and stacked, the longitudinal stability when fully loaded, and the lateral stability when fully loaded. , Lateral stability during no-load driving. In the three-point and four-point forklift stability tests, the tilt angle stability and data requirements are exactly the same, so the safety of the three-point forklift can be guaranteed. 2. Turning angle    due to structural reasons, the four-point electric forklift cannot realize in-situ steering, so the turning radius is large, and the passageway required for operation in the tunnel is relatively wide. In contrast, the three-pivot electric forklift can realize 90° in-situ steering, and it is more convenient and flexible to work indoors. Take a 1.5-ton electric forklift as an example. The turning radius of the three-pivot electric pallet truck is 1493mm, which is 357mm smaller than the 1850 of the four-pivot electric forklift. Depending on the size of the pallet, the stacking channel requirement of the 1.5-ton three-pivot electric forklift is 3000—3300mm. , The stacking channel of the four-point electric forklift is 3600-3700mm. It can be seen that the channel requirements of the three-point electric forklift are greatly reduced, saving storage space; when working in the warehouse, because the steering is flexible, the driver does not need to spend more energy to avoid the shelves, the operation is more labor-saving, and the labor intensity is reduced. 3. Purchase cost    three-pivot electric forklift has a small and compact design, and generally uses European standard batteries, which has a high cost. At the same time, the 90° steering of the three-pivot electric pallet truck needs to use a slewing bearing that can support the rotation of the rear wheel, so the cost of the whole vehicle is higher. The cost of the four-point electric forklift is lower than that of the three-point forklift because of its mature supporting equipment. Therefore, the price of a three-point electric forklift with the same tonnage is higher than that of a four-point electric forklift. 4. Application space    three-point electric forklifts can save nearly 30% of the storage space compared to four-point electric forklifts. In foreign countries, the proportion of 1-1.5 ton electric forklifts with three-point forklifts is greater than that of four-point electric forklifts. In the past two years, domestic users have gradually realized the advantages of three-point forklifts, and the proportion of applications has increased year by year. 5. When the user selects the type of forklift, when handling goods less than 2 tons in the warehouse, the three-point electric pallet truck should be the first choice; when handling goods larger than 2 tons, due to stability constraints, you can consider choosing a four-point electric forklift. .
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