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What are the doorways to choose an electric storage pallet truck?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-05-21

The daily work of the warehouse is more and more inseparable from the electric storage pallet truck, because the introduction of electric equipment will greatly improve the work efficiency, so many bosses are gradually starting to save costs. But do you bosses know how to choose a suitable equipment for your warehouse? Next, we will lead you to understand what are the ways to choose an electric storage pallet truck.

We must first understand the height of the shelf when purchasing an electric storage pallet truck. Standardizing management and saving land are the basic principles to be followed in our warehouse operations. Many users will place raw materials on the shelves. Here we need to understand the lifting height of pallet trucks. The lifting height of the electric pallet truck must be sufficient to unload and shovel goods on the shelf. Considering that the standard for calculating the height of the fork is not uniform, it is very likely that the height of the rack does not match the lifting height of the pallet truck, so the purchased electric pallet truck cannot be used.

The weight of the goods should also be considered when purchasing an electric storage pallet truck. The load of electric pallet trucks is different. Users should choose the corresponding type of electric pallet truck after knowing the weight of the goods they carry. Then there is the width of the right-angle stacking aisle, that is, the electric pallet truck can safely pass through a 90° turn in the aisle. Our warehouse shelves are carefully calculated when they are placed, and safety issues cannot be underestimated.

There are also pallets used with electric storage pallet trucks, so we also need to consider the size of the pallet. This is especially important for users who need to use a large number of trays. The specifications of the pallet will also affect the selection of electric pallet trucks. Different pallets should be selected with corresponding electric pallet trucks.

When purchasing an electric storage pallet truck, there are still many places that users need to pay attention to, such as: the height of the warehouse door should be higher than the height of the pallet truck; the goods are lifted to a certain height The problem of the rated load loss of the rear electric pallet truck; if the truck is to work on the floor, it must be considered how much weight per square floor can bear; also need to consider the problem of the road surface, when the road surface is uneven or there is a slope, Wheels and motors can cause serious wear and tear; also, we should consider whether to replace the battery.

The above is the relevant content about choosing the doorway of the electric storage pallet truck. If you are still struggling with the problem of choosing an electric pallet truck, you may wish to call us, we will give you a satisfactory answer.

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