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What are the easy to wear parts of the high-altitude lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-28
The high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform is a very important work thing for high-altitude operations. It is the foundation of high-altitude operations. Good management, good use, and good maintenance are important elements for giving full play to the effectiveness of the equipment. According to statistics, it is caused by poor smoothness or improper smoothing methods. About 30% of the equipment failures account for more than 30%, and practice has proved that reasonable selection and equipment of various smoothing agents can not only reduce equipment wear, extend service life, but also improve work efficiency. Next, the editor will tell you what are the lubrication parts? 1. The shaft pin of the high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform is frequently worn and severe. During the process of lifting and lowering, the support rod will roll at a certain point of view as the viewpoint of the viewpoint axis changes, so that the shaft pin of the support rod will continue to occur. Conflict, so that the shaft pin is smooth is very important, and for this serious wear, we need to reserve a butter cup filled with smooth oil at the end of the support pin, and fill the butter cup with butter through the butter cup reserved for the shaft pin to protect It becomes very simple. 2. We know that the high-altitude lifting platform generally has 4 tires. The mobile type requires tires to assist in walking and moving, and each tire has a wheel hub. The tire determines whether the elevator can be operated. Therefore, during use, it is necessary for us to smooth the hub bearing, which is very necessary. 3. Each high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform has several rollers planned according to its different methods. Ascending and descending are accompanied by the rolling of the rollers. Therefore, the rollers are also part of the smoothness requirement. The rollers are processed during assembly, and the later protection only needs to be added. Butter will do. According to the smoothing agent spreading between the conflicting surfaces, there are generally three smooth conditions: thick film smooth, film smooth and gap smooth. Which smoothing method is selected and what smooth condition is achieved directly affects the overall quality, so the necessary smoothness It is a beneficial measure to effectively protect the service life of components.
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