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What are the failures and causes of high-altitude lifting platform operation?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-30
We often hear news reports of tragic incidents caused by high-altitude lifting platforms. Although the relevant state departments often urge companies to pay attention to safe operations, high-altitude work accidents have repeatedly occurred. So what are the reasons for the failure and how can such mistakes be avoided? According to the structure of the lithium pallet truck platform, the lifting organization is selected to complete the lifting organization, which is composed of driving equipment, transmission equipment, braking equipment and other safety equipment. Therefore, the cause of the incident is mainly other components in these devices. 1. The hydraulic oil should be replaced in time. It will be affected by weather, time, temperature, etc. Therefore, the maintenance of hydraulic oil should be replaced in time and regularly to avoid accidents. 2. The problem of elevators. Some elevator structures have quality problems. The arm length is a serious quality problem. Therefore, when selecting high-altitude lifting platforms, manufacturers should focus on measuring scales. If the standards are inconsistent, communicate with the manufacturer in time. 3. Attention should also be paid to the operation of placing goods. The stability of the center of gravity should be considered, and the channels should not be skewed to avoid overturning. At the same time, my country's production and construction are relatively convenient, and there are many dangers. We must avoid channel instability, mechanical electric shocks, etc. during operation. Therefore, in the daily use of high-altitude lifting platforms, operators and construction site builders should have corresponding safety awareness to avoid accidents, and protecting personal and property safety is the top element of production.
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