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What are the frequently encountered failures of hydraulic electric lifting platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-23
The use of the electric lithium pallet truck platform for a long time will cause many minor problems. Many people cannot solve it by themselves and affect the use. The following editor will explain some common troubleshooting methods for the hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform. 1. The electric lithium pallet truck platform suddenly fails to lift. Check whether the power supply is connected and the indicator light is on. If it is normal, check whether the pressure relief valve is loose. Is there any foreign matter hitting the limit switch, etc.? These will cause the equipment to have no way to lift. 2. There is a large shaking during operation. Check whether the outriggers and feet are supported and stable, and whether the outriggers are formed by lack of lubricating oil. 3. The platform cannot reach the specified height. This problem is usually caused by too little hydraulic oil, or the oil pipe is blocked, and it must be cleaned up in time. In addition, the failure of the travel switch will result in a position where the platform cannot be customized. The lack of phase of the power supply will also cause unstable lifting conditions.
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