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What are the main factors affecting the price of aerial work platforms?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-14
1. Regionality Following the development of construction machinery, the manufacturing of aerial work platforms has become more and more old. In addition to Gusu, which is a major manufacturing province, Jiangsu, Guangdong, and Henan have gradually become major provinces for manufacturing aerial work platforms. There are many manufacturers of large and small aerial work platforms. For the customer, it is best to choose the hydraulic lifting equipment produced by the manufacturer nearest to you, and because the location is relatively close, the quotation will be relatively cheaper, and it will be easier to obtain the trust of the buyer. Second, the diversity of product technology is in the engineering During the unfolding process of the machinery, along with the aging and continuous improvement of technology, as well as the constantly needed changes in the market, in addition to the original mobile lifting path and the fixed lifting path, many other different types of hydraulic lifting equipment have appeared. Such as: aluminum alloy aerial platform stacker, electric aerial work platform, small aerial platform stacker, light aerial platform stacker, etc. Many branches have also taken place in the manufacture of hydraulic aerial work platforms. The same is the aerial work equipment, most of which are inclined oil cylinders, but some manufacturers individually imitated foreign ones and created vertical oil cylinder aerial work platforms. There is also a guide rail type lifting path, the workmanship of the north and the south is different, and the structure is also different. 3. Uncertainty of multiple quotations Some customers may buy more than one aerial work platform, or they may buy multiple units. This causes the seller to consider the amount of the quotation of multiple units, and the grasp is different. The quotation There will also be a surely rugged decline. Fourth, the manufacturing cost of the aerial work platform. After all, the quotation of the cost increase and decrease method also depends on the cost of the product. Products with different materials and standardized lifting pathways are different in quotation, and also in terms of application function, life span, and safety assurance. Many people attach great importance to the quotation when choosing the way of acquisition and lift, and then neglect the safety and durability. Regarding the manufacturing of products in the lifting way, Sino-US joint ventures use higher quantities of materials, precision workmanship and stronger safety than domestic ones. In terms of the quotation, the quotation of the hydraulic lifting channel produced by the joint venture is much higher than that of domestic products. On the whole, there are still many factors that affect the quotation of aerial work platforms. We believe that although construction machinery continues to expand and the market needs constant changes, there will be many different types of aerial work platforms with different specifications. Only when we are selecting and constantly innovating can we continue to expand in the construction machinery industry. Operating rules 1. It is necessary for the operator to understand the structure and function of the equipment. 2. Before use, check whether the path is intact, whether the joints and fasteners are loose, and whether the welds are strong. 3. Check if the oil is enough. 4. Before starting, support the outriggers and make the outriggers get the largest supporting area as much as possible, adjust the outriggers to make them level. 5. Turn on the power, start the motor, and investigate whether the motor rolls normally. 6. Exhaust treatment should be carried out immediately if there is a phenomenon of trembling and climbing in the lifting path.
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