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What are the main technical performance parameters of the electric forklift truck manufacturers?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-22
The data describing the structural characteristics and working performance of the forklift are called the technical parameters of the forklift. The technical parameters of the electric pallet truck are divided into three categories: performance parameters, size parameters and weight parameters. The main performance parameters of the forklift include: rated lifting weight, load center distance, maximum lifting height, free lifting height, mast inclination, maximum lifting speed, maximum travel speed, maximum climbing degree, minimum transformation radius, engine (motor, battery ) Performance indicators, etc.  The main size parameters are: external dimensions (length, width, height), wheelbase, front and rear wheelbase, minimum ground clearance, etc. The main weight parameters are: dead weight, no-load front axle load, no-load rear axle load, full-load front axle load, full-load rear axle load, etc. 1. Rated lifting capacity: stipulates the maximum mass of goods lifted by forklifts. 2. Load center distance: the distance from the center of gravity of the rated lifting load to the front surface of the vertical section of the fork. Expressed in 'mm'. According to different rated lifting capacity, my country has stipulated the corresponding load center distance, which is used as the reference value.  3. Maximum lifting height at rated lifting capacity: Under the rated lifting capacity, the fork is raised to the highest position, the mast is vertical, and the vertical distance from the ground to the upper plane of the fork.  4. Free lifting height: The maximum vertical distance from the upper plane of the fork to the ground when lifting under the condition of no load, vertical mast and constant mast height.   5. Mast angle forward and mast angle backward: The maximum inclination angle of the mast relative to the vertical position in the unloaded state.   6. Maximum lifting speed with full load and no load: the maximum lifting speed of forks or attachments under rated lifting capacity or no load.  7. Maximum operating speed with full load and no load: The maximum speed at which the vehicle cares about driving on the entire hard road under the rated lifting capacity or no load. 8. Maximum gradient: The maximum gradient that the vehicle can climb when driving at a specified speed and stably under no load or rated lifting capacity. 9. Minimum transition radius: Under no-load conditions, the vehicle is driving forward or backward at a low speed, turning left or right, and the steering wheel is at the maximum turning angle, the maximum distance from the outside of the vehicle body to the turning center.  10. Forklift length: For counterbalanced forklifts, it refers to the horizontal distance from the fork tip to the end of the vehicle body.  11. Forklift width: the maximum horizontal distance between the two outer sides of the forklift.  12. Forklift height: the vertical distance from the ground to the top of the forklift.  13. Wheelbase: The horizontal distance between the center lines of the front and rear axles.  14. Wheelbase: The distance between the left and right wheels of the same bridge and the center of the ground contact surface. The track of multiple wheels is measured at the center point.  15. Minimum ground clearance: the vertical distance from the lowest point to the ground, except for the wheels, when the vehicle is under rated lifting capacity or no load.  16. Self-weight: The mass of the vehicle under no load.  17. Axle load: the vertical load on the axle of the forklift under no load or rated load.
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